Thank you for your interest in writing at MKTLIST.CA.

Please follow the guidelines given below about submitting article for uploading at Mktlist.

What should I write on?

You can write the article on any category mentioned below.

Books - Celebrity - Movies - Music – Television - Eat - Fashion & Beauty - Relationships - Health - Home Decor – Travel

Can you provide any tips to make my article fit for submitting at Mktlist.ca?

  1. Your tone should be in “you” voice as much as you can.

  2. Article should be written in blog style with paragraphs, numbering etc.

  3. We love H2 sub headings, you can use them

  4. Article should be plagiarism free

  5. Grammatical mistakes, tenses and structure issues aren’t allowed. Make sure to send the proofread version

Where should I submit my article?

Attach your article in the form as a word file and send it to us.

What should be the length of my article?

Write in between 800 – 1000 words.

Can I include links in my article?

Sure. You are welcome to insert links (at least 2) that provide meaningful insights and are relevant for the readers.

Should I provide headline for the article?

Definitely. They should be attention grabbing (click bait). However, we may make little changes (for SEO).

How is my headshot covered?

Make sure to have your headshot covered at Gravatar. Our system makes use of your email to grab it.

Checklist for article submission. (include at the top of your article)

  1. Name, email, website & Twitter handle

  2. One-sentence bio

  3. At least 2 links