Payment Methods

Terms for Fee, payment, and refund policy for purchased services:

1.1 All services on Mktlist.cA are free to use, except in cases where user agrees to purchase a certain premium package specified in Order Forms. Except as otherwise specified on Pricing Page or Order Form, (i) charges are based on Services and Content subscription purchased and not actual usage, (ii) payment obligation are non cancel-able and fees paid are non-refundable, and (iii) quantities purchased cannot be decreased during the relevant subscription term.

1.2 User will provide Mktlist Inc. with valid and updated credit card information or alternate document reasonably acceptable to Mktlist Inc. If User provides Mktlist Inc with credit card information, User authorizes Mkltist Inc. to charge such credit card for all Purchased Services listed in the Order Form for the Initial subscription term and and renewal subscription term(s) as set for in Pricing Plan or Order Form. Such charges shall be made in advance, either monthly or yearly or in accordance with any different billing frequency stated in the applicable Pricing Plan or Order Form. If the Order Form specifies that payment will be by a methods other than a credit card, Mktlist Inc. will invoice User in advance and otherwise in accordance with the relevant Pricing plan or Order Form. Users are responsible for providing complete and accurate billing and contact information to Mktlist Inc and notifying Mktlist Inc of any changes to such information.

1.3 If any invoice amount is not received by Mktlist by the due date then without limiting Mktlist Inc rights or remedies , the subscription will be cancelled.

1.4 Other terms:

- Products automatically renew until canceled and are billed to your default payment method.

- Mktlist Inc. bears no liability in any case or form on behalf of any subscriber or website user

- Mktlist Inc. will only charge for the sepcified fee stated and selected in payment form

- For other terms and conditions, follow the main "Terms and Conditions" section on 

- Mktlist Inc reserves the right to change any conditions on payment plan and the subscription amount. For any changes to existing payment plans or changes in amount, Mktlist Inc will inform the subscriber at-least 1 month prior to the changes. Subscriber can discuss with Mktlist Inc . sales team during the 1 month billing period. If the subscriber does not contact Mktlist inc in regards to the price updation or any other changes made by mktlist, Mktlist will proceed with the changes and the revised amount will be billed automatically.