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Health Canada announces recall of blood-pressure drug valsartan after carcinogenic ingredient found!

Masses in Canada who depend on a general heart drug have been asked to discuss with their pharmacist regarding the usage of it. This comes off after Health Canada opened the drug could have possibility of contamination of a carcinogen.Health Canada announced Tuesday that different varieties of ...

Published On July 18, 2018

It’s Never too Late to Speak Up About Your Problem, Earn Good Health!

What comes to your mind when you hear phrases, like 'Mental Health' and 'Mental Illness'? You may detect some psychopathic vibes and the urgent alarm to see a psychiatrist. Even worse, you may imagine that you are a mental or a psychic patient. But, this is something that we must not think of ...

Published On July 05, 2018

Health Canada Approves a Selected Number of Sunscreens Safe!

In summers, the most important and significant product that is listed in any monthly ration list is a 'sunscreen'. Yes, it is quite sensible that after global warming and environmental change, the demand of sunscreens has risen to an international level. But, so the case is with the problems.L...

Published On July 04, 2018

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