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Wild B.C. weather issues warnings, notable statements from Environment Canada!

Metro Vancouver has been issued a warning for rainfall whereas parts of BC pass in mountains could get snowfall, as stated by Environment Canada.Metro Vancouver has been issued a warning for rainfall whereas parts of BC pass in mountains could get snowfall, as stated by Environment Canada. Hea...

Published On October 01, 2018
Weather News

Winter Already? Snows Hits Western Part of Calgary!

If you have been waiting for winter, then get ready because the signs are already in positive. It is believed that summer in southern Alberta might end soon. This prediction comes off as the mountains in the west of Calgary experiences snowfall in the higher elevations.The cameras present at the S...

Published On August 28, 2018
Weather News

Air Quality Index from wildfire smoke over Calgary is 7, high risk!

Calgary’s air quality index has been signified with high-risk levels by Environment Canada. The warning comes by as the city is seen to have put on dusky appearance, which actually is the wildfire smoke.The Air Quality Health Index for the city was noted to be 7 (high risk) on Friday at 8 am. Acco...

Published On August 25, 2018
Weather News

Heavy Flooding In Kerala: Red Alert Issued As Death Toll Rises In Indian State

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Severe flooding in the southern Indian state of Kerala has killed at least 80 people in the past week, and more heavy rain is forecast in coming days.State Relief Commissioner P.H. Kurian said the major loss of life came Thursday when 10 people died in a landslide.Boats have been positioned acr...

Published On August 16, 2018
Weather News

Dreadful photos of Manitoba's deadly tornado!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 4:21 PM –Post-tornado cleaning is in place after a deadly tornado ragged through the settlements of Alonsa, Silver Ridge, and Margaret Bruce in Manitoba last Friday, claiming lives of a person.As per Environment Canada, the tornado has been formally set as an EF-4, makin...

Published On August 09, 2018
Weather News

Severe Thunderstorm Cause,Flooding,Power Outage In Toronto

Severe thunderstorms that have caused flooding and power outages around the city Monday will likely exceed 100 mm of total rainfall before it tapers off later this evening, according to Environment Canada.Meteorologists from Environment Canada are tracking a slow-moving cluster of thunderstorm...

Published On August 08, 2018
Weather News

Severe Thunderstorms to Hit Northern Alberta Overnight!

Northern Alberta is expected to hit with an intense thunderstorm, according to Environment Canada. There are possibilities that the area will experience strong wind gusts with heavy rain and destructive hail. Hail can bring serious damages to property and can break windows, including dents on c...

Published On August 02, 2018
Weather News

Worst thunderstorm warning issued for areas southwest of Calgary!

Athough an extreme thunderstorm watch came to end in Calgary, the parts of southwestern Alberta are still to face the changing weather conditions. As per Environment Canada, the areas are expected to receive wind gusts, big hail, and heavy showers. Storm watches are expected for Kananaskis-...

Published On July 27, 2018
Weather News

Severe thunderstorm warning issued by Environment Canada!

Edmonton – Environment Canada has given a severe thunderstorm warning for northern Alberta, including Edmonton region. The immediate effect of the storm could be “hail the size of golf balls” with wind breezes more than 90 km/h.The warning was given out at 5 pm, Wednesday. Environment Canada issue...

Published On July 19, 2018
Weather News

Western Alberta is Under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning!

With heat and temperature beginning to raise day by day, Western Alberta, the horizon near Calgary is under a strict and severe thunderstorm. The atmosphere, nowadays, is so intense that only a person living in an air-conditioned house would feel fine. Talk to the one who has no such benefit o...

Published On July 18, 2018
Weather News

Stay Cool Calgarians, Heat Alert Announced!

Calgary’s third week of July starting will be a hotter one, as MET Department of Canada issued heat wave warning for the people of Calgary. Monday and Tuesday will be going to be high with 30oC temperature, at late night it is expected to be 14 oC.Heat warning are issued to make people made pr...

Published On July 17, 2018
Weather News

Weather update: Chris to hit southeastern Newfoundland before week's end

Chris is said to bring heavy rain and strong winds to part of Newfoundland after passing Nova Scotia. The topical storm remained nearly unmoved for a couple of days at the coast of North Carolina, only to pick the pace and head towards southeastern Newfoundland.People living in northeastern Nova S...

Published On July 13, 2018
Weather News

ALERT: Tropical cyclone warning issued for Newfoundland

Heavy showers, violent waves and big strong heaves expected as early as Thursday eveningAfter experiencing dry and hot days with ratings to have gone up with fire hazards and some hot weather warnings, areas of Newfoundland are expected to receive heavy rain and strong winds from Hurricane Chris. ...

Published On July 11, 2018
Weather News

Weather Update: Montreal’s Heat is not Coming Low for Another Week!

There was a time past a few months back when winter seemed unpredicted in Canada and now its turn for summer to show what actually it is all about. The deadly temperature of the province with 33 deaths reported, is not getting low for another big week but the weather records up till now shows t...

Published On July 10, 2018
Weather News

ALERT: 18 Dead as Scorching Heat Wave Hits Southern Quebec!

Something which we are not used to have resulted in loss of life of at least 18 people in Quebec in the last few days. Quebec has been a subject to an extreme heat wave and choking humidity, officials of health stated Wednesday. While ambulances reached to their limits, requesting people with s...

Published On July 05, 2018
Weather News

Weather Update: June Brings No More Sunshine to Atlantic Canada!

Are the summers started? No! It’s freezing! Really, such a freezing weather and unexpected climatic change have been observed in the month of June. Another shivering and cold weekend for the residents of Atlantic Canada.In different regions of Canada especially in Newfoundland and Labrador, the dr...

Published On June 05, 2018
Weather News

Weather Alert Canada: Enjoy this weather while it lasts, 10 degree major drop by tomorrow!

Guess what the weather decided to return to its full form, have fun with the weather while it is here as tomorrow it is going to be super cold. The weather is going to be very cold in the next 24 hours. It sure  feels like summer outside today, at a high of 20°C, Friday afternoon is going...

Published On May 11, 2018
Weather News

Frigid Weather Caused At least 3 Deaths in Midwest – Canada is on Storm alert!

Days after thunderstorms wreaked havoc across the country, claiming at least three deaths of people in the upper Midwest and Canada on Friday. According to the reports of CBS News' Vladimir Duthiers reports the new stint enters into a city before Spring season.Toronto has been facing an isolated a...

Published On May 08, 2018
Weather News


This year, spring seems really far and have not proved to be very lively for the residents of Canada. With April’s coldest wave across Canada, it happened to be one of the coldest months. The weather network showed that during April 2018 the cold trends of the month was below the normal temperatur...

Published On May 03, 2018
Weather News


RAINSTORM WILL BE OBSERVED IN THE EAST BY THIS WEEKRainstorm will be observed in the eastern part of the Canada that will cause a series of disruption at the cold front boundaries and it will separate air masses of different densities. As a result, rainstorm will be expected from Wednesday night n...

Published On May 03, 2018
Weather News

Stormy April Brought Stormy Damage - $85 Million Insurance Destruction!

Not anybody can tell how it felt when April brought stormy days in place of blooming flowers other than the people living in Ontario and Quebec. The saw how badly the winds, rain, and snow caused destruction in the provinces in the early days of April. According to a report by Catastrophe Indices ...

Published On May 02, 2018
Weather News


In Toronto, if you are deciding to go out this weekend, you need to bring some sunshades with you. As there was prediction made that light rain and showers with the wet whirlwind will be entering this Saturday.  This rainy season will be entering this week. Some areas have a low pressu...

Published On April 30, 2018
Weather News

Weather Canada: Forecast for the coming week suggest everything sunny!

This forecast is associated with some unique and different weather in Toronto. The new seasonal puff of a heat is expected to arrive in the month of April. The weather will be sunny and temperature will rise up. Canadians are waiting for a new session of heat for a long time expected to str...

Published On April 27, 2018
Weather News

Weather Update: For the coming week get ready to hold on to your umbrellas real Tight!

For the coming week, hail of snow is might possible to drizzle. This starting weekend weather will tackle with some signs of snow. After wards, the phenomenon will continue itself across the country up to Wednesday. Is your rain coat ready to shield you? Did you cover yourself with an umbr...

Published On April 24, 2018
Weather News

Forecast Canada: Spring is Here Finally!

Where many parts of the country still have some remaining snow on the ground, it looks like that weather we’ve all been waiting for is finally starting to arrive for many Canadians. According to the forecast strong winds are expected in some areas but will diminish overnight Saturday into Su...

Published On April 24, 2018
Weather News

Canada Weather: Spring finally arrives in Toronto!

One week after ice storm, it appears spring has finally arrived in the GTA. After an explosion of winter weather last weekend that left thousands without power across Toronto and southern Ontario, sunny skies and above-seasonal temperatures have rolled in to the city. According to the wea...

Published On April 23, 2018
Weather News

Weather Canada: FINALLY Toronto's first weekend of spring weather is Here!

It's been so long since we felt the warmth of sun on our faces, it seems we are losing the feeling of what it feels to be warm. Guess what it seems the wait is finally over. According to the weekend forecast for Toronto is full of spring weather, with sunshine expected through out Monday ...

Published On April 21, 2018
Weather News

Weather Canada: Wild week ahead freezing rain to hit starting today!

It’s been a wild, Winter week it began with freezing rain and an ice storm that will end in Hamilton, Environment Canada says, with more snow mixed with rain. The weather forecast suggests it will be starting tonight, the national weather agency says the city is expected to get 2 to 4 centi...

Published On April 19, 2018
Weather News

Weather Canada: Guess what? This weekend there’s going to be sunshine everywhere!

It seems all seasons are at war, first ice then rain and now sunshine? Well it sure is one rollercoaster ride of emotions isn’t it? Toronto city has suffered through a nasty and risky – spring season so far, things are actually starting to look up in Toronto, if you look far enough ahead, t...

Published On April 18, 2018

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