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10 Things Collecting Dust In Your House That Might Sell For Good Money!

We all have old junk lying around in the closet, the attic, and the basement. What most of us fail to realize is that some of this “junk” might be a source of some serious green. Here we have compiled a list of 10 antique things you might think are completely useless but could actually bag you a f...

Published On November 09, 2018
Tips & Advices

How Intermittent Fasting Prolongs Your Life!

In the world of health and fitness trends, intermittent fasting has been gaining popularity as of late, which may be due to its advocacy by known celebrities like Terry Crews, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. Nonetheless the benefits of IF alone are sufficient enough to get w...

Published On November 06, 2018
Tips & Advices

Morning Boost or Evening Relaxer? The Best Time to Shower is

There are pros and cons to both showering in the morning and showering in the night. Whatever reasons you might have for showering at a specific time each day, it seems there is a scientific basis for the various benefits of morning and night showers. A morning shower is the perfect wake-me-up. It...

Published On October 17, 2018
Tips & Advices

10 Weird Jobs That Pay Way Above Average

Feel like you don’t have what it takes to become a doctor? Is engineering not really your calling? Practicing law just not your thing? Well then here we have for you a list of 10 odd jobs that pay insanely well. Read on! 1. Wind Turbine TechnicianWith the growing use of wind turbines to generat...

Published On October 08, 2018
Tips & Advices

Top 10 Canadian Universities for International Students!

Canada is home to a plethora of universities offering all sorts of educational courses and an exciting social and extra-curricular life to go with them. However, the more the merrier is not exactly the case here because the huge number of universities makes it all the more harder to decide on wher...

Published On October 04, 2018
Tips & Advices


Which should be done first, flossing or brushing? This question has been a dividing force among dental hygienists across the world since forever now. A poll done by the American Dental Association found that 53% of Americans prefer to brush first and 47% prefer to floss first. This age-old dil...

Published On September 28, 2018
Tips & Advices

Choosing The Best Colors for a Staged Home – Before and After!

Having trouble selling houses due to creativity dilemmas? Then you’ve come to the right place because in this article we are going to talk about architecture and interior design, color staging, bedroom paint design and best interior paint colors for selling a house.When it comes to color staging a...

Published On September 18, 2018
Tips & Advices

The War Against Pests – Tips to Win This Fall!

Fall is right around the corner and with it, pests. Like other animals, dropping temperatures lead to bugs and pests seeking warmer shelters and that makes your home a popular destination. Here are some tips to keep these troublesome pests out that will make consulting a pest control professional ...

Published On September 13, 2018
Tips & Advices

Moving to Montreal for University? Here’s all you need to know

Moving to a new city is a major adjustment, even more so in the case of Montreal. But once you embrace the vibe of this beautiful island, you’ll definitely fall in love with it. Especially as a student, you could not have picked a better city to spend your best years at. Home to 11 universities – ...

Published On September 05, 2018
Tips & Advices

What Skills Are Needed for Cryptocurrency Jobs?

As cryptocurrency continues to pique the interest of the wider public, the conversation around it is evolving. Rather than misconceptions of a dark network of criminals or talk of a Bitcoin bubble, curiosity is becoming a genuine industry. It’s slowly sinking in that cryptocurrency isn’t just ...

Published On August 30, 2018
Tips & Advices

What is Bitcoin Cash? BCH vs Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin Cash?Bitcoin Cash arose as an alternative to Bitcoin, and it’s currently between the third and second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The founders of Bitcoin Cash created the alternative cryptocurrency on August 1, 2017 to c...

Published On August 08, 2018
Tips & Advices

Here Is A List of 5 Safety Inspection Tips When Moving Into a New Home!

Moving to a new place is always stressful, no matter how old you are and how much experience in this field you have. You have to take lots of things into consideration, think everything through in advance, constantly remind yourself not to forget something important, as well as do a detailed i...

Published On August 08, 2018
Tips & Advices

High Level of Bacteria on the Beach, Stop Swimming!

The high level of E. coli, large and diverse groups of bacteria increased the risk of gastrointestinal illness to swimmers.All beaches shall remain open for public use but swimming and plodding over water are not supported.The guidelines recommend a level of less than 200 E. coli bacteria per ...

Published On August 03, 2018
Tips & Advices

Incredible Grilling tools for quicker, better, more hands-off barbecuing this year

You're a grill master and you didn't even know it till now.Summer's here and we bet you'll agree it makes most sense to move your cooking outdoors. Grilling food injects instant flavour and provides the ultimate summer experience — cooking in nature and dining al fresco. But preparing food on ...

Published On June 19, 2018
Tips & Advices

How to be Generous? Top 10 Techniques to Ease Poor and Needy People!

On one hand, there are individuals who lead their life elegantly. Not only they are appreciating the bliss of necessities but they also have what they need and desire; a lavish living giving them an additional easement. Whereas, there are individuals who live from hand to mouth life and can't mana...

Published On June 05, 2018
Tips & Advices

The Don’t-Walk Signal? Be Aware Pedestrians While Crossing the Street!

It is the common practice observed worldwide that people on foot use crosswalk when crossing the street. This is done on daily basis by pedestrians. But recently, a new rule is implemented in BC for walkers to pay fine in the time following red hand start flashing the lights. Brace yourself! Accor...

Published On June 04, 2018
Tips & Advices

How to be a High-Tech Superhero by Using Devices: 5 Smart Ways!

Science is one of the enormous innovations of the modern world. Science has made some impossible thing possible. It has brought revolution in every part of the world. Human activity has been left touched by science. It has not only affected physically but also the thinking of the human mind. If yo...

Published On May 31, 2018
Tips & Advices


Hey you Social media geeks! I hope you’re doing good. Instagram & twitter is my favorite social media platform not only because I can share the weirdo, creative, geek-self stuff on my account, but also because it helps reach my potential audience very easily. One way to organically boost your ...

Published On May 23, 2018
Tips & Advices

Get your Meal Fixed for whole week by Miss Fresh Limited Time offer!

You know how it goes: Monday to Friday, you're on the granulate, and when the end of the week moves around, you simply need to kick back. Carrying on with a bustling way of life implies you don't generally have sufficient energy to run errands or invest time searching for formula motivation. That ...

Published On April 26, 2018
Tips & Advices

RATINGS: Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs of All Time!

Entrepreneurship is not a thing that everyone can do and also succeed in it. It comes as a scary and frightening witch to most of the people. Yes, it is difficult but it is not something that becomes the matter of life and death. It is all about knowing your instincts because every work that y...

Published On February 28, 2018
Tips & Advices

Real Estate 2018: The CREA’s New Rule for Mortgage Would be a Little Challenging for Some Buyers!

As per the new rules for a mortgage, suggested by CREA. The Canadian Real Estate Association has made some new impact with new rules and regulations on the Canada Real Estate. These new strategies in it can be a little problematic for some buyers. CREA suggested new guidelines for mortgage includi...

Published On February 19, 2018
Tips & Advices

Valentine’s Hype: 10 Cities to Visit this Valentine’s Day When You are A Solo Traveler!

As 14th February is just a few hours away, no one can wait to see the beautiful yet bloody red color all around everywhere. The whole world will soon be shower up with red roses and cupid arrows. Soon, everyone will be having a love life, good if it stays forever. It all will be a little messy and...

Published On February 13, 2018
Tips & Advices

How to stick to your Career Goals: 2018

We’ve all got our New Years resolutions planned and ready to be executed but, the vision keeps getting lost somewhere in between. The New Year has a lot in store and it’s common to forget, save it for the next year. However, we’ve got for you some easy tips to keep you dedicated towards your go...

Published On February 12, 2018
Tips & Advices

Our First Valentine's Day Together in New House!

It takes a long time, from staying over for one night to getting a drawer for shared possessions, to moving into your significant other’s place to finally getting your first home together but it happens nonetheless. It’s a frightening process for most people but also very exciting at the same time...

Published On February 12, 2018
Tips & Advices


1) Classes that burn massive caloriesHigh intensity interval training is still in the hit list of American College of Sports’ Medicine’s List when it comes to fitness. Since everyone wishes to come to class with their best results. So, there are two formats to it, one is the treadmill and other...

Published On February 03, 2018
Tips & Advices

Who is more dumb: Me or my food?

Scientific study has proven that some foods are brain healthy specially when it comes to providing right amount of nutrition to your body and mind. Ongoing researches say that 3 categories of food are not exactly recommended in your daily diet and has a negative impact on your brain. It can cause ...

Published On January 29, 2018
Tips & Advices

5 Simple New Year Resolutions to Sell Your House In 2018!

As a matter of fact, whenever a year comes to an end, we always feel optimistic and confident with the new year to come and make intelligent and clever resolutions to fulfill throughout 365 days. But the truth is, all optimism and cheerfulness fade away by the end of January and we couldn’t ma...

Published On January 22, 2018
Tips & Advices

Top 10 Universities in Canada for 2018!

Vacations are over and it is sad when you have to wake up in the morning so early. I know it is always hard to pull that comfy blanket over you when the clock just strikes 7:00 AM ‘coz I too am the victim of it. Meanwhile, your bed reciprocates in a manner of a secret admirer who always calls ...

Published On January 13, 2018
Tips & Advices

6 Things That Are Slowly Draining Your Finances & You Aren’t Even Aware!

Have you ever thought why can’t you keep a check on your budget? Why does the money slip from your hands? Why at the end of the month your money sucks? Where does your money actually go? Check your phone bills and perceive why it is growing in number day by day. Or perhaps you have been a memb...

Published On January 12, 2018
Tips & Advices

Here Is How You Can Turn Your House into Stress-free Home!

Living in a city with its hustle and bustle, full of chaos, and busy schedules make a man dull and grey. In spite of the fact that city life has its own advantages and benefits but these other disorderly features make everyone senile like an Alzheimer’s patient. The life becomes even more mise...

Published On January 09, 2018
Tips & Advices

20 Smart Hacks You Never Knew About Your Toothbrush!

When it comes to cleaning our house, we go often towards dusters, vacuum, sponges, cloths, and many other things, never knowing that the most simple and easy tool stands frozen in our bathroom. Exactly, I am talking about the one and only, the toothbrush (what else!). Following are the 20 hack...

Published On January 08, 2018
Tips & Advices

10 Absolutely Easy Ways to Undo Your Debts!

Debt is a powerful word. It leaves you with stress and sweat. It makes your life miserable and gives you a nasty scar. It follows you like a shadow of a haunted witch, provoking you in your sleep. In short, it all the way acts like a blood-sucking fly until it squishes and drains whole blood f...

Published On January 08, 2018
Tips & Advices

5 KEY Things to Consider When Buying Property (Very Important)

Location, Location, Location These are the 3 words that will come to the mouth of every realtor who is reputed and wants you to buy a property that is built on solid long-term investment. The question is, why is location such an important thing to consider when buying property? The answe...

Published On January 06, 2018
Tips & Advices

HANDY TIPS - 9 Parts of Food that Don’t Belong to the Garbage!

Next time you’re tossing in leftovers and waste into the garbage can, remember that you might just be missing out on some rich nutrients and losing quite some money while you’re at it. Think before you throw. The Citrus Peel Squeeze and chuck that’s what we do with most lemons but, you w...

Published On January 05, 2018
Tips & Advices

Think before you Renovate; 7 Simple Questions!

Renovating always sounds tempting, who doesn’t love change. But, before you dive into the process of mixing, matching, coordinating, positioning and reinventing, we’ve outlined 7 basic questions you need to ask yourself.   1.    What are my goals? So, you’re tired of that white washe...

Published On January 03, 2018
Tips & Advices

How to Get Everything Right with Your Roommate?

I know it looks a bit difficult yet scary to live with a person you never know. The idea of having a complete stranger right beside you is no doubt very disturbing. I know the adrenaline must have started rushing in your body. But just stay chill and follow these simple instructions to start a...

Published On January 02, 2018
Tips & Advices

50 Wise Resolutions to Follow in 2018!

I wonder how time passes so quickly. It is surprised to see that 2017 is almost ending and feels like it was just yesterday when the whole sky was covered with lighters, cherry bombs, illuminations, and firecrackers. With all the gloominess, 2017 is only for some hours with us. So, let’s just ...

Published On December 31, 2017
Tips & Advices

6 Strange Talents of Messy People!

Are neat and clean people more intelligent? Is being a lazy person means you never get any success in life? Well, I can continue this debate for hours as I belong to the second category. Duh! Stay peaceful because I am not making you guys fight with each other upon such nonsense. Other peop...

Published On December 30, 2017
Tips & Advices

Culture of Canada - 10 things you must know about Canadians!

I agree the year 2017 had a positive reason for you to visit Canada – the country’s 150th birthday, but even 2k18 has its surprises in store. The celebrations that go all year round including the Canada’s National Day, celebrated on July 1st, the Multiculturalism Day on June 27 and many others...

Published On December 28, 2017
Tips & Advices

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the Vacations!

Okay, the Christmas time is over and you must be thinking to splinter your Christmas tree so it can be recycled. I’ve come up with six tips to reuse it after the vacations and do away it with all perfect means, with happy and contented memories in your mind. (Don’t worry it won’t require much ...

Published On December 28, 2017
Tips & Advices

6 Obvious Signs You May Have Flu!

1.     The Severity of the Symptoms.A runny nose, chest congestion and a sore throat are clear symptoms that you are sick. The flu entails a fever just like the cold. To spot the difference, remember that symptoms of the flu happen to come on quicker than those of the cold and are more severe...

Published On December 27, 2017
Tips & Advices

9 Amazing Things about Christmas You Never Knew!

As you know Christmas is just two days from now, many of you have started preparing for the fete. The decorating pieces and lightning everywhere are the symbol of love and affection, and a sign of hope at the beginning of something new and excited. But have you ever given thought why these Chr...

Published On December 24, 2017
Tips & Advices

8 Awesome Ways to Turn Your Dormitory into Home!

Here are a couple of indications to turn your school living room as normal as your family home and as pleasant as your most cherished moments of life.As a matter of first importance: this isn't another of those "flat makeover" articles. You may not comprehend it, yet rather your condition, even th...

Published On December 22, 2017
Tips & Advices

How to Make Your Office Look Good & Spacious!

Do you feel distracted or maybe a little low while doing work in your office? Have you ever tried to recognize the roots of these issues? Maybe you are too down to overcome these problems. The major thing you should be doing is to apprehend that maybe your office area is too mixed-up leaving t...

Published On December 21, 2017
Tips & Advices

9 Handy Ways to Take Care of Your Christmas Decorations!

Jumble-Muddle-Scramble. Is that a sign of post-Christmas-effects? Are you tangling yourself up in those beautiful ribbons and garlands? Did Santa leave you without helping you out in all this mess? Confused… Ain’t you? Don’t worry, I have 8 secrets to reveal to you guys to clear out all the me...

Published On December 16, 2017
Tips & Advices

30 Valuable Gifts You Can Give This Christmas To Your Loved Ones!

As there are only few days to Christmas now, I have picked 30 valuable gifts worth gifting to your friends and family members. Camouflage them with a touch of classic Canadian style to create an sensational impression on your loved ones. This season is ideal for giving gifts to a friend you ha...

Published On December 14, 2017
Tips & Advices

5 Secrets to Keep Your House Warm Without Getting Much Energy Bills!

When every year winter season sets in, everyone starts making their homes winter-free. This may lead to increase in their energy bills because of the substantial use of heaters and similar things. Their heart starts beating faster, their head starts rolling like a rock-n-roll ball, and adrenaline ...

Published On December 12, 2017
Tips & Advices

5 Tips to Winterize Your Home!

With the cold breeze of winters around us, we seek comfort in our homes; but if your home isn’t warm enough you will never get cozy. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back, here are five ways to winter proof your home for that peaceful night you’ve all been craving for. These tips will be helpful in...

Published On December 09, 2017
Tips & Advices

Step-by-step Guide to Get Rid of Your Garage Clutter!

I know it sounds awkward but let me say it. The garage is the best place in any house. You know, you spend your childhood there. The crooked walls and shredded paint say it all. Those orange leaves scattering around and scented smell, chirping birds, and unknown laughter; makes you revive your mem...

Published On December 08, 2017
Tips & Advices

7 Secrets Revealed About Canadian Airlines!

Are you planning to travel with a Canadian airline? Today I am going to open up some secrets to make your travel convenient and problem-free, as possible. 1.     Entering as the last customer, a good choice – Really? Well you might not know but Canadian airlines can’t fly even if ther...

Published On December 06, 2017
Tips & Advices

Top 10 Causes of House Fires in Canada!

The causes behind house fires in Canada are quite evident and so are the ways to prevent them. But you need to know them in order to avoid. So, check out our list of 10 common ways of preventing house fires in Canada: Cooking Equipment One of the most common type of house fire is from...

Published On December 05, 2017
Tips & Advices

7 Unpredictably Germ-infested Kitchen Items You Never Think of Cleaning!

The most-used items in the kitchen of your home are sponge and the sink. The research however says, every other day, these items also serves as a residence to many germs. And it is worth mentioning here that these can cause food poisoning and other illnesses.The cleanest place may not be the germ ...

Published On December 04, 2017
Tips & Advices

8 Easy Home Décor Tips for Holidays 2017!

Home is where the art is. Although, this adaptation of the saying is not widely used, there is much more truth to it. Our homes are our sanctuaries, we are obliged to keep them clean, hospitable and alluring. The interior of the home represents the owner, their aesthetic and their creativity. From...

Published On November 29, 2017
Tips & Advices

9 Kinds of Fall Candles That Are Way Soothing Than Your Favorite Lamps

Reveal in this season and bring yourself a pleasing and warmly scented candle.The atmosphere created by the temperature and light of a candle develops a praise of each second lived in the comfort of house. To actually create a trans for such ambiance, go for a refreshing, woody aroma that reminds ...

Published On November 20, 2017
Tips & Advices

Ideal Renovations That Appeal Artists and Commercial Buyers

Vancouver is the style that serves as a gold mine for Hollywood North’s group of artists, directors and filmmakers. It has been used as the prime element for big projects like Elfand, Twilight and Deadpool. But the cult of North Hollywood has never declined for shooting destination. Its mesmerizin...

Published On November 17, 2017
Tips & Advices

5 Tips to Sell Your Property Fast!

1. MAKE THE BUYER COMFORTABLE:Although, your presence is quite obvious to give the buyer all the necessary details regarding house, however potential buyers find it more comfortable to survey the house keenly in your absence. Moreover, they hesitate to visit the place if a family is already living...

Published On November 16, 2017
Tips & Advices

5 tips to get your property mortgaged in Canada

What is mortgage? A mortgage, also referred to as a mortgage loan, which basically is a loan- as the word implies- in which any property or a real estate, is used as a sort of collateral, that enables you to cover the cost of a home.  The borrower (you) then enters into an legitimate agreement w...

Published On October 27, 2017
Tips & Advices

10 Points Canadian Should Know Before Buying a Property!

The biggest moves in life aren’t usually the easiest ones. Really, take for instance buying a property, it in Canada, and if you are newcomer; imagine what nightmares it will bring. Down payments and mortgages are just a few to name them, and these stays with you till eternity. Seriously, buying a...

Published On July 14, 2017

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