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Will it go down? Here’s what you need to know about the Canadian Housing Market in 2019!

But it is quite difficult to predict the housing market. To say that it will go in the deepest of pits like it did in 2008, will also not be the case or rather could not happen. According to the experts, the ‘slow car’ might speed up.This is exactly what the Canadian Real Estate Association believ...

Published On November 26, 2018
Best Places to Live

4 Ways to Cozy up Your Outdoor Space

A lot of people look at their backyard and see nothing but trouble. What they see is a lawn they need to mow, leaves that need to be cleaned and shrubs that need to be pruned. However, what they don’t see are is the good stuff; reasons why people invest in their outdoor space in the first place. J...

Published On November 08, 2018
Best Places to Live

10 Places You Just Have To Visit Before You Die!

What is life, if not a collection of experiences? And traveling is one of those experiences which affect the very fabric of our being – our souls. This round sphere is filled to the brim with majestic destinations, which is why we’ve narrowed them down to the top 10 places you just have to see bef...

Published On October 09, 2018

Demi Lovato is Expected to Go Live!!

The couple, Ellen and Portia, is a true symbol of what friendship is all about. They even asked Demi to live in their beach house when she is done with her rehab sessions, which is all the result of the July 24 overdose incident so that she can feel more lively and dynamic. It has been reveale...

Published On August 10, 2018
Local News & Insights

Saudi Arabia Called for an Immediate Return of All the Foreign University Students Studying in Canada!

The problem began to worse when Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland tweeted that she was alarmed to learn about the imprisonment of Samar Badawi, Raif Badawi’s sister, in Saudi Arabia. When her tweet got viral, the kingdom immediately ordered Canada’s ambassador Dennis Horak to get...

Published On August 09, 2018

Brad Pitt’s Reaction to Angelina Jolie’s New Adoption Rumors is Unimaginable!

If Angelina Jolie adopts another child alone, would Brad Pitt accept it? His very recent reaction to this rumor in unimaginable! Rumors are spreading about the seventh adoption of the child by Angelina Jolie but Brad Pitt, on the opposite, has no interest to vast his clan. He has already a big...

Published On August 06, 2018
Local News & Insights

Corporate Canada Still Remains Silent for #MeToo Movement!

She said the person/employer, not to mention the name, took her in an “exemplary fashion” but she rejected the harasser quickly. She still faced the hateful attitude her colleagues showed towards her and the opposite towards the harasser. "This type of behaviour typically doesn't happen on a o...

Published On August 03, 2018
Neighborhood Guide

Is Rio Theatre Demolished? Scroll Down to Find Out!

After the announcement made for a $375,000 grant from the city of Vancouver, the Rio Theatre came under the threat. But now, this East Vancouver Entertainment venue is out of the trouble. *Yayy*“We can officially say the future of the Rio is no longer uncertain,” said the theatre’s operator Co...

Published On August 02, 2018
Local News & Insights

Report: 25 Most Best Places in Canada to live in 2018!

MoneySense has finally revealed this year’s best places to live in Canada with Oakville and Ontario on the top position. This online finance magazine, MoneySense, has reviewed 415 Canadian cities with respect to 10 categories which are wealth and economy, affordability, population growth, taxe...

Published On August 02, 2018

Is Seth Rogen Replacing Morgan Freeman to be the Voice of TTC Transit Announcements? Check it out!

TTC’S Brad Ross told through his tweet that besides Seth Rogen, Vancouver’s native people may also be doing the announcements for TTC’s transit system. And all the sources have confirmed the news that’s being spread everywhere.Although, how Seth Rogen will be involved in the TTC still remains ...

Published On July 31, 2018

Cardi B Dismissed Bruno Mars Tour, The Reason May Melt Your Heart!

On last Thursday, the rapper canceled her all upcoming tours with hit singer Bruno Mars so that she can spend more time with her daughter Kulture Kiari at home. Cardi B had scheduled her dates for the final leg "24K Magic" tour with Bruno Mars from September. But what she wrote for her fan...

Published On July 30, 2018

Demi Lovato is Finally Understanding the Self-Worth, She Knows Addiction is Dangerous!

After she was suspected by an overdose, she knows that she has a very serious illness to which she would be battling forever, but at a very moment, she is optimistic and hopeful that she is going to be fine. It was surely the scariest moment of her life when she allegedly encountered an overdo...

Published On July 30, 2018

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