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Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : January 31, 2018 2766
Here are 16 Mysteries that shook the world and still are unsolved, bone chilling facts and much more, without any wait just read and get amazed for things going around the world.

1.Mystery of Dyatlov Pass

This case reports back to 1st of February, 1959, nine ski-hikers subjected to a mysterious death in the mountains now in Russia. In the dark of the night, the group went to sleep but what went wrong was, that they never returned home. On February 26, the searchers went to look for them and found an abandoned tent, ripped open and some strange footprints, some barefoot, some with socks, some with even a single shoe, they all continued till the nearby wood. Two bodies were found there with naked bodies except the underwear. According to the signs, Hypothermia was suspected but as the other bodies were discovered and medical researchers investigated further into the matter, Hypothermia didn’t make any sense in that case. In fact, the evidence was itself senseless. One body had third-degree burn marks, other was missing a tongue, some of their clothes were found to be radioactive and one had evidence of brutal trauma consistent of with a brutal assault. 

Theories suggested drug overdose, KGB- interference, UFO, gravity anomalies or the Russian version of Yeti. Recently, a filmmaker made a documentary introducing a horrifying yet true theory called, “Infrasound”, in which the air interacts with the topography producing barely audible sound which is very harmful and strong producing nausea, panic, dread, chills, nervousness, raised heart beat rate, and breathing problems. The last thing to justify it is involvement of something very supernatural. 

2.Mystery of the Ghost ship

A British-American ship was found vacant in the Atlantic on December 4, 1872.  Mary Celeste, a seaworthy ship with its cargo still intact was present there but with no crew member. However, a life boat was missing which could be suspected as an escape from some problem by the on-board members. In November 1872, Mary Celeste sailed from New York from Genoa, Italy. The Captain was Benjamin Briggs and seven crew members, including Briggs’ wife and a 2-year old daughter. Supplies were ample enough to last them for six months but still it gave away no solid conclusion. The commentators say that some major difficulty must have arisen so the crew members sailed away on the life boat but according to last entry of ships daily review log, nothing seems out of style. 
Theories over the years suggested a mutiny, pirate attack or attack by a giant octopus or a sea monster. Recently, scientist imposed the theory in which fumes of alcohol on board might have caused an explosion which scientifically did not leave any signs behind. But the mystery of the ghost ship: Mary Celeste still remain unsolved. 

3.Mystery of Dan Cooper

November 24, 1971 reports about a mysterious and dangerous guy named Dan Cooper who was a passenger on Northwest Airlines Flight 305, his appearance is described as, a dark suit over a neatly pressed white collar shirt with black tie. There was nothing unusual at first as he took his seat, lit a cigarette, ordered a bourbon and soda and paid with cash. He was going from Portland to Seattle- a 30 minute flight, shortly after the take off, he handed a note to a 23 year old flight attended. She ignored it assuming he was just giving her his number but he asked her to read it saying ‘I have a bomb’. The wordings in the note is a mystery since he retrieved it from her after she read it. He demanded $200,000 amount of money in American currency which is worth $1 million dollars today besides he asked for four parachutes, a truck full of fuel standing in Seattle to refuel the plane on arrival. 
The demand was taken to the captain and the airline’s president gave in. The other passengers were totally clueless as they were told the flight has been delayed due to mechanical problems. After landing, Cooper allowed the  passengers and two flight attendants  to leave the plane. During refueling, he told his other plan to stop at Nevada for refueling. After two hours, the plane took off but at Nevada, Coopers absence was noted.  No one heard from him ever again, the ransom money was never used nor were the parachutes found. 
In 1980, a young boy was on vacation with his family in Oregon where he found some unused ransom money, search teams were sent but it was a dead end. Although parachute straps are found in places where Cooper could possibly have gone. 

4.Mystery of area 51

In Southern Nevada, a US military base was unconfirmed until 2013 when CIA was forced to respond to a request by Freedom Of Information Act from 2005. It is believed that the Area 51 is used for the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons but the satellite images do not give an insight on this. Whoever is sent to that area, they are sent through an airline from Las Vegas, called “ Janet” whose planes are not marked and windows are shrouded upon descent. 
 The extreme secrecy around the area has gave way to many rumors like the government uses it to house crashed UFOs and conduct experiments on aliens. Other theories include: research on time travel, research on teleportation, meetings with extraterrestrials, making of means for weather control or activities of shadowy one-world government. 

5.Mystery of  Voynich Manuscript

This is a book of around 250 pages with language known to none. It dates back to 1400s and contains pictures of such plants which hold no relation to any of the species. A Polish book dealer purchased it in 1912 and confirmed the owner to be Georg Baresch (1558-1662), an alchemist from Prague who claimed it to be useless. 
Georg tried to investigate further but he didn’t succeed. The manuscript went from hand to hand until it came to Voynich. He stated that the author was an alchemist Albertus Magnus or scientist Roger Bacon. However some don’t even believe on Voynich. But nothing till today has explained the centuries old carbon-dating of paper and ink. 

6.Mystery of Pollock Sisters

Reincarnation still holds a question mark on its name. Only 24% of Americans believe on it but the scientists are still unsure about it. The story of Pollock sisters however proves something here.
In 1957, two young English sisters with names, Jacqueline Pollock and Joanna Pollock, died in a car accident. A year later, their mother gave birth to twins, Gillian and Jenifer. As the twins grew old enough to talk, they started identifying things relating to their dead sisters like the school they attended, toys they possessed and landmarks they would have known.
 These weird incidents lessened as the twins turned 5 and they continued to live a normal life but the case was given over to Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychologist who studied reincarnation. After studying for several years on this, he wrote books about it and the story of Pollock sisters was one of them.

7.Mystery of the Sodders

After the Sodder home burnt to the ground, 5 out of 10 Sodder children perished into thin air a night before Christmas in 1945. But thankfully 5 were still safe and sound and very much alive. No evidence was found about their whereabouts and vanishing which stated it an impossible case to science. A woman however saw fire heads peering out of a car window when the fire was still going on, another woman reported to see four out if five of them a week after the fire. 'The children were accompanied by two women and two men, all of Italian extraction,' she said in a statement. 'I tried to talk to the children in a friendly manner, but the men appeared hostile... and wouldn't allow it.' 
Since the Sodders were Italian Immigrants, they assumed it was a kidnapping case to force George Sodder into some mafia. They did every possible thing to find out about their children yet to no avail. 

8.Mystery of Young Walter Collins

Single mom Christine Collins reported from Los Angeles that his very young son Walter Collins has gone missing who is 9 years old. After 5 months, police brought Walter back to his home but according to Christine he wasn’t Walter. The LA police didn’t consider her requests and rather put her in a mental hospital accusing her of bad parenting skills. The real Walter Collins never returned, later on it was thought that he was another victim of a murderer Gordon Stewart Northcott, his mother tried to offer confession for killing Walter too. 
That case still hangs like a pendulum leaving everyone curious as to why the police was so adamant on hiding it that they brought another child to convince that he was Walter, its simply terrifying.

9.Mystery of Paula Jean Welden 

Paula Jean, a beautiful sophomore, 18 year old girl at Bennington College disappeared on 1st December 1946. She told her room mate Elizabeth Parker that she was going to take a long walk but never returned back. A search party was sent after her where witnesses claimed that they had seen her along the Vermont trail. A Massachusetts waitress claimed she had seen a girl with the description of Paula whom she served, upon that Paula’s dear father disappeared for 36 hours most probably in search for his daughter. 
Soon rumors began to circulate that her life at home wasn’t fairly well that might have contributed to her escape. Her father told that she got in an argument with him about a boy she liked that agitated the things further. Over the next decade, a local of Bennington bragged about knowing where Paula’s body is buried but unfortunately his humble brag led to nothing but false hopes. In the end, people associated it with something paranormal. On the other hand, Joseph Citro proposed a theory of Bennington Triangle that how a force of energy drags people towards itself and send them to another world or dimension. 

10.Mystery of the Lighthouse 

In 1900, there were three keepers of Flannan Isles Lighthouse off the west coast of Scotland disappeared under very strange situations. Thomas Marshall, James Ducat and Donald MacArthur manned the lighthouse. December 26, on Boxing Day of 1900 the fourth man who was rotating on the shore, the relief keeper, arrived to find nobody present. The only strange thing except their disappearance was the lopsided chair. No bodies have ever been found, theories stated drownings, abduction, ghost ship or a sea monster but nothing is as solid to be accepted. 

11.Mystery of the canine bridge

Dumbarton holds a very strange bridge attracting dogs to jump from it and die. The alarming situation since 1960s has made 50 dogs to die and 100 to jump but survived. Some even returned to take a second leap over 50m low jagged rocks. The Scottish society has sent people to investigate for animal cruelty but it was a complete failure. In scientific terms, dogs can form an intent by themselves which drives them to death. Yet there is something luring of the dogs from the same place and spot, on dry sunny days. The bridge was suspected to be haunted since a man threw of his child from it. Or maybe there is an irresistible scent only dogs can sense which lead them to leap to their deaths. 

12.Mystery of the Big grey man

Scotland is becoming mysterious as ever with its very strange inhuman creature known as big grey man. It haunts the summit and second highest peak of Scotland, in Scottish native language its called, Am Fear Liath Mor. He has been eye witnessed by some too. His physical characteristics does not resemble a bear, but his action does resemble bear sightings. Those who have seen it, describe it as a very tall almost 10ft human like creature with short hair, broad shoulders and long arms. Nearly all reports say that the sightings include gravel being crunched under footfall. Scientists are helpless in this matter but psychologists do have a say in this and that is that the witnesses might be under extreme anguish or tension to imagine it.

13.Mystery of Lost Colony

This incident reports back to 1857, John White led a group to find an English colony and settled on Roanoke Island. White left them with supplies but on his return after 3 years he found the colony abandoned. He had instructed them that if they got taken away by force than to mark a cross on the tree for indication but there was no cross. The only sign was the word Croatoan, the name of a native tribe carved onto a post. White took this as a clue of they had shifted to Croatoan Island. After investigations, it turned out that they were mass slaughtered by Powhattan tribe but still there is no archeological evidence, it is also thought that some other colonists might have slaughtered them entirely. 

14.Mystery of Circleville 

In 1976, Circleville has suffered through some serious threats. The residents have been receiving hate letters causing a wreak havoc among the locals. The mail was accusatory towards a school bus driver Mary and school superintendent. One letter was delivered to Mary’s husband Ron giving him a dead threat if he didn’t put and end to the affair. In 1977 Ron died. The letters continued even after Ron’s sister’s husband was convicted as the sender of them. The letters still continued, even he received one. So he was released. The true identity of the writer of those letter still remains hidden. 

15.Mystery of Tunguska

One fine morning of June 30, 1908, Russia went through a very terrifying explosion in the forest of Siberia leaving behind no such evidences. It is said to be the Tunguska event with a huge impact. Scientist can only depict this reason that some asteroid might have hit the earth causing such massive scale destruction.

16.Mystery of Malaysian Airline

On March 8, 2014, a Boeing  777 carrying 239 passengers ad crew members vanished into thin air. The Malaysian Prime minister has refused to comment further except saying that it disappeared over Indian ocean. Theories include,  hijacking, capture by the U.S., crew suicide (it was reported that the pilot was having marital problems), a fire aboard the aircraft, vertical entry into the sea, a meteor strike, and even alien abduction. The case still remains a mystery even after a passage of 3 years and expenditure of $160. 

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