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20 Smart Hacks You Never Knew About Your Toothbrush!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : January 08, 2018 1792
20 Smart Hacks You Never Knew About Your Toothbrush!

When it comes to cleaning our house, we go often towards dusters, vacuum, sponges, cloths, and many other things, never knowing that the most simple and easy tool stands frozen in our bathroom. Exactly, I am talking about the one and only, the toothbrush (what else!). Following are the 20 hacks about toothbrush for cleaning other things just about the way they are to be cleaned. And believe me, you will be surprised.

1.    Make Your Stove Tops Shines Brighter:


For cleaning things like stoves seems very irritating, but when you have got a perfect toothbrush with full length and fine hairs, you can easily overcome that struggle. As dirt can easily trap between the spaces of the stove, you can do the best cleaning with a toothbrush by soaking dishwashing liquid in it and applying a gentle rolling force on the stove with to make it shine brighter. In the end, use a piece of cloth to wipe away the liquid. 

2.    Make Your Tiles and Grouts Look All New:


To remove the blackish stains from the in-space of titles, a toothbrush can work best. You only have to dip your toothbrush in a mixture of water and bleach to clean grouts and titles and make your tiles look all new and fresh. Make sure you wash away the liquid in the end. 

3.    Make the Nozzle of Your Shower Look Polished:


You never know how many hidden microorganisms are present out there around the faucet and taps. No worries, use a toothbrush with soap and water to kick off these tiny veiled creatures.

4.    Make Your Upholstery and Carpets Dirt-Free:


Don’t need to panic when you find staining at your carpets and upholstery. Just wipe them off by using stain remover and toothbrush. Toothbrush helps to remove dirt by applying gentle rocking and rolling pressure with it. Make sure you don’t push hard as it can ruin your things.

5.    Make Your Walls Free of Crayon Marks:


Kids nowadays, sometimes see the walls as their canvas. They do drawing on the walls. If their paintings are of crayons then thank God because they can easily cleanse. You just have to make your toothbrush full of shaving foam/toothpaste and rub against the wall to remove staining. In the end, clean the surface using a cloth or paper towel.

6.    Cleanse the Openings of Your Car, Hair-Dryer, and Bathroom:


Air contains contaminated particles, so wherever air moves, these particles go on with it. These contaminations are sometimes found in the hairdryer, car outlets, and bathroom vents. Don’t lose hope, remove the outer covering of these vents and start making use of your toothbrush. Clean the hard dirt layer with a toothbrush by applying force. Make sure while cleaning your bathroom vent, there is no connection with electricity. Same case for a hair dryer that it should be unplugged.

7.    Make Your Computer Keyboard Squeaky Clean:


Have you ever noticed how ugly your computer keyboard looks? And how can you even touch these dirty buttons? Don’t worry, the solution is here. Disconnect your computer/laptop with any source of external current. Move your keyboard a little upside down and brush off all the dirt and dust from it. Never use any sort of water or liquid dilution on your keyboard. I repeat never!

8.    Make Your Refrigerator Looks Dazzling:


Witness the dirty grooves and plastic shelves inside your refrigerator and get ready to clean them. It’s all can be done by using a toothbrush. Same tool for cleaning the rubber around refrigerator’s door that looks very creepy with so much dirt on it.

9.    Glitter Up Your Sinks and Drains:


For another perfect cleaning of sinks and drains, you can again use a toothbrush. Grease can easily be deposited around the corners of the sinks causing the growth of fungus all around. Wash off all such things by using a toothbrush. Sometimes, tiny holes around the cork of sink may block, so a better tool to overcome such problem is one and only a toothbrush.

10.  Make Your Toaster Oven Looks Whiter Than White:


Do you love to eat bread from a dusky toaster? Of course not! If you find your toaster full of burnt marks and breadcrumbs. Then a toothbrush will help you out. Clean the inner sieve/grill of toaster using toothbrush and soap & water solution. At last, wash with water and let it dry. The thing to remember is that unplug your toaster first, otherwise, you know better what would happen.

11.  Make Your Cheese Grater Immaculate:


Almost every time when you use a cheese grater, the little holes choke up and look very dirty. In order to remove these particles, use a toothbrush. Then rinse out the grater with water to make your grater looks clean and tidy.

12.  Brush Off Those Skinny Hairs from The Corn:


To remove those silky strands from corn, use a toothbrush to brush them off before cooking. This will ensure no flossing after eating them as they will not be tangled up in your teeth.

13.  Polished Up Your Waffle Iron:


An easy-peasy hack of a toothbrush is to scrub your waffle iron. Use it to clean the corners and splits of the appliance. You can also use a toothbrush for applying oil over it for future use.   

14.  Make Your Hair Shines in a New Color:



You don’t have a brush/applicator to apply hair color? Don’t worry, that slender stick in your bathroom helps you out. Use a toothbrush for hair dyeing. It also ensures that your hairs won’t mess up.

15.  Remove Sticky Grease from Appliances:


Little grooves and knobs of appliances can be dirt off by the use of toothbrush soaked in a soap solution. Even the carved numbers and names on the appliances can be easily cleaned with a toothbrush.

16.  Make Your Nail-Bed Healthy and Hygienic:


When the dirt surrounds your nail bed and under your nails, use an old toothbrush covered with foamy soap to scrub your nails.

17.  Settle Those Little Untrimmed Hairs of Yours:


Another very simple hack of a toothbrush is to settle up those tiny hairs away from your face. You just use a toothbrush and hairspray. Spray hairspray on a toothbrush and make your hairstyle stays in its place for a longer time.

18.  Make Your Espresso Maker Clean:


A true coffee lover knows that how espresso forms and what the actual Italy’s espresso looks like. To prevent your espresso maker blocked by espresso, you need to brush off the coffee with a soft and delicate toothbrush from the screen of espresso maker.

19.  Bathe Up Your Juicer:


It is very easy that the fruit you use in a juicer gets trapped inside it without you even knowing. These pieces may favor the growth of microorganisms. So, to keep yourself healthy and fit, you need to clean your juicer properly. You have to remove all the coverings first and rinse each of them with hot water and soap. Each casing requires 10 minutes but the motor needs a little less as to prevent it from any future mal-functioning. Use a toothbrush to scrub your juicer.

20.  Scrub Your Veggies:


Some vegetables like mushrooms are very sensitive. So, to clean the upper scaling of your veggies, you just need a soft brush. But for vegetables like potatoes, go for a toothbrush with medium to hard hairs. Cleanse your veggies with a toothbrush to make them look fresh. 

Next time you brush your teeth, ponder over your toothbrush what it is trying to say *wink*.

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