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30 Valuable Gifts You Can Give This Christmas To Your Loved Ones!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : December 14, 2017 1782
30 Valuable Gifts You Can Give This Christmas To Your Loved Ones!

As there are only few days to Christmas now, I have picked 30 valuable gifts worth gifting to your friends and family members. Camouflage them with a touch of classic Canadian style to create an sensational impression on your loved ones.

This season is ideal for giving gifts to a friend you haven’t met in a long while or for any family member who needs your attention. Don’t hold a grudge, send some gifts.

1.   Pillow for Geographical Nerd:


Price: $70

For a person who loves geography, this one goes to him. This pillow represents the artistic and aesthetic work of Toronto based artist, carved by the map of Canada. The artist pays tribute to classic Canadian map through her great work. The pillow is purely made of linen and cotton material and too soft. The different pillows have maps of different areas of Canada. So, it’s easy to choose the one that matches with your friend’s native place. 

2.    Pom-Pom Cap for a Total Intelligence Freak:


Price: $63

This cozy, cliquey pom-pom cap for a total intelligence freak to make him feel a little crazy. This artificial yet high-quality pom is a true essence of artistic mind of a person who actually created it and you can also change the Pom. Gift this to your friend and both of you can go for ice skating then. 

3.    Hockey Gift for Your Sporty Friend:


Price: $20

As hockey was originated from Canadian grounds, this old-Canadian-hockey-style gift will surely excite your sporty friend. Don’t give him a ticket to Russian’s romantic ballet, not even by mistake. Otherwise, you better understand what he could do to you.

4.    Soaps for a Beauty Geek:


Price: $8 Each

Of course, this one goes to your girl-friends. I mean to say all the girls on your list. This handmade soap is a must-have for all the beauty geeks, contains activated charcoal plus seaweed and shea-butter. Well, the fragrance will make you fall eventually. 

5.    Décor for By-Heart Interior Designer:


Price: $170

This is another masterpiece by a Canadian interior designer. Made up of synthetic fibers or cellulose fur for its soft touch. A topmost recommendation to give to a person who loves interior décor. It is available in creamy white, grey, black, and other color too.

6.    Gloves for Olympic Fan:


Price: $15

This pair of glove, knitted by woolen materials, will go right for an Olympic fan. As the next year is almost on the door. Gift it to your friend so he might get to watch next Olympics with these cute pairs in support of Canada.  

7.    Recipe Book for Delicious Cook:


Price: $25

Your delicious-cook friend will be very pleased when you gift this recipe book to her. From old style Plum pudding till Caramel sauce, it feels like “cravings satisfied.” It moves your taste buds to a new delicious and mouth-watering way. 

8.    Cocktail for Taste Fanatic:


Price: $8

This one, in a Roman-style cocktail, is made by our Canadian person, will more freak your taste fanatic-friend. This is made up of vine-ripened tomatoes, shredded horseradish from West Midlands of England, hot sauce, and real clam juice from the North Atlantic. Try it with Vodka. Cheers!

9.    Badge for Sulky Friend:


Price: $10

This fastened-clip goes best for you always-out-of-humor friend. When it is difficult to say by words, say it with this cute little breastpin.

10.  Scarf for Your Fashion Maniac:


Price: $30

This versatile scarf is made of Canadian fabric, often called as buffalo check. This one looks cool not only with a pretty black dress but always goes perfectly with Canadian tuxedo.

11.  Aroma for Hygiene Mutant:


Price: $39

There’s nothing more soothing and calming than a good scent or aroma that take away your stress. From the essence of Canada, these eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint bark fragrances and essential oils are a perfect gift for a person who is a total hygiene freak.

12.  Necklace for Jewelry Addict:


Price: $95

Another artistic approach of Canadian jewelry designer belonging to Montreal, who took inspiration from the magpie. This is amazingly carved golden and the silver combo will surely be loved by a jewelry addict on your list. 

13. Books for the Master of Reading:


Price: $34

For a reading devotee, nothing could be perfect than a pile of exciting novels and books. This Detective Armand Gamache series from Canadian author is absolutely a gripping and thrilling one. The pages hold several mysteries and heroic acts of the main character. The book is captivating for your reader-friend until the story finally ends.

14.  Peanut Butter and Candy Jams for Foodie:


Price: $10 (Peanut Butter), $12 (Candy Jam)

This new peanut butter from the house of Montreal and Candy Jam from Toronto have a striking effect on the taste buds. The peanut butter is prepared by Haitian peanuts, and Candy Jam has a less sugar content than usual jams. So, why don’t you gift it to your foodie friend and give it a try by yourself too at least for once?

15.  Winter Boots for Hiker:


Price: $205

For a friend who does even bother to stay inside even when it is -40 Celsius outsides, these winter boots are designed here in Canada for such kind of people. These boots look tough and durable and they are same as they look. Gift them to him so that he may enjoy the rage of winter.

16.  Literature for Homey:


Price: $50

A person who adores his homeland and loves every bit of it, this Canadian literature is a must have for him. Written by a very popular Canadian poet. The book truly answers the question like “How does it feel to be a Canadian?” It depicts the stories of Canadian heroes and famous personalities. An absolute and complete package to try with a coffee mug.

17.  Gift for a Perfect Chef:


Price: $90

This amazing electric pressure cooker is all your chef needs this Christmas. The appliance is made to overcome the problems in the usual cooker and it works six times faster than a normal cooker. So, the food eventually is made a little quicker in this appliance. Plus point? It may possible that your chef invites you in for a dinner.

18.  Gift for Animal Lover:


Price: $11

If you have any friend who is an animal-person, then gift this paddle shaped toy and let he and his fur friend rock and roll in a sea.

19.  Ceramic Dishes for an Art Connoisseur:


Price: $20 and $25

These cute little ceramic dishes, carved and finished by the finest hands, is an elegant thing to place jewelry, rings, and small things on. An artistic use of gold in it makes it more stylish and attractive. So, a person who admires beauty and art, this one surely goes for her.

20.  For True Toronto Lover:


Price: $5

If you have anyone on the list who lives in Toronto, this one goes to him. Ask him why he lives in Toronto and suspects that he will surely start giving a million reasons for that, and maybe he would say that because of the TTC Streetcar. This cute little patch resembling this TTC Streetcar is the best gift you can give him this holiday which can even look good in a raincoat. It is an easy iron-on patch that won’t cause any difficulty in putting on.

21.  Corkscrew for the Ultimate Party People:


Price: $15

When someone invites you to the dinner, it’s a good habit to take something for him too. This holiday if your friend or any family member invites you in, make sure you bring this fish corkscrew with a big red ribbon hanging onto a wine bottle. Ensure that you give this nutty looking fish-corkscrew to the right person. *Wink-Wink*

22.  Artwork for an Absolute Artist:


Price: $200

“Art is the way of survival.” It is as it sounds. There are always many people in our circle who don’t talk much, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have words, their inner-self speaks much from their paintings and drawings. If you find any such person on your list, give this beautiful tree artwork to him/her. This looks splendid when hanging on the window.

23.  Sleeping Bag for Sleepaholic:


 Price: $60

What could be more comforting than wearing pajamas and t-shirts in this chilling temperature and sleep until your eyes hurt? I do believe this too. For your sleepaholic friend, this cool sleeping bag will be a plus point in your friendship.

24.  Socks for Your Homebody:


Price: $5 each

To revive the sense of patriotism, the designer has made them for all the Canadians out there, with beautifully printed maple leaves, beavers, and silhouette of Mounties will create a sense of patriotism. This one goes for your ultimate homebody. 

25.  Turmeric for Tea Lover:


Price: $32

It is subjected that turmeric will be a widely used spice in the coming year. And it is a good thing too. It aids the body in a sore throat and prevents from Alzheimer’s disease. So, add some turmeric spice in the tea of freaking, fanatic tea lover, he will assuredly like it. What’s the best thing? This Canadian company has devised that for every purchase of 6 boxes, they will donate 24 meals to food bank Canada. So, by this, you can also participate in the social act.

26.  Puzzle for a Convergent Thinker:


Price: $20

The artist creates this puzzle in the picture of different Canadian parks. For the person who can easily solve the problems. This gift is a good thing to challenge on the lazy days of holidays.

27.  Sleep Mask for Sweet Dreamer:


Price: $21

Perfectly blended with knitted stockings, this sweet sleep mask is the ultimate gift for sweet dreamer. For a power nap or beauty sleep, this one is on the list FOR HER. This product is made by the hands of Ontario people.

28.  A Biography for your Sentimental Chum:


Price: $30

Gordie Howe was a well-known Canadian hockey player and fantastic father altogether. This book is written by one of his three sons, as a eulogy on his funeral held in 2016. Nine lessons the son learned from his father’s life. A bit emotional but a must-read biography you can gift your friend this holiday. This one is not only for a sentimental person but also for the one whose parents aren’t alive anymore.

29.  The Cap for a Town-buddy:


Price: $30

Some people love to represent their provinces, cities, and towns. These places are their pride and honor. This Alberto cap is too perfect for your Alberto-buddy.

On an ending note, these are not too many recommendations for this Christmas holiday. If you have something other than these in your mind, you can gift that too. Gift and be gifted. Happy Holidays!

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