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8 Ways your Home is getting Smarter

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : September 27, 2017 1925
8 Ways your Home is getting Smarter

Urban means of sophistication, ease and comfort combine together to provide you the smart home technology of today.

Thanks to the power of Wi-Fi and the magic of smartphones, wireless home technology, shows no signs of slowing down. The devices we use every day such as home appliances, are connecting to the internet even when we’re out of the house!

They are learning our living habits and they’re even beginning to anticipate our needs. Beyond being simply a luxury like personal video recorders for movies, etc.; they provide you homeowners, with safety, security and a peace of mind, which is a hard to get commodity these days!

While in the mind-set of seasonal cleaning, you might as well take to heart the old saying of: out with the old and in with the new. So, in this instance, of giving our homes the tech makeovers they deserve; with all the talk of the connected home, and new smart home technology coming onto the market.

If you indeed, want to stay on the forefront of smart home technology, make your home smarter, safer and more in tune with you, keep an eye on these eight ways our homes are getting smarter.

The front yard:

For the serious green thumbs in your families, maintaining the front yard of your house is simply a must. Smart technology has therefore, come up with a range of smart appliances, for the yard usage.

Now, you needn’t worry about either the watering, as smart sprinklers will automatically adjust, your water use on rainy or colder days even. Or the mowing? An autonomous lawn mower can work in all weather and on uneven ground as well.

The soil usage tension. Now, smart devices assess your yard’s soil nutrition, tracks the humidity and type of sunlight, the area is getting, throughout the day, and more- sending all the data to your smartphone. Also providing the expertise of, what fertilizers to use and, which plants and vegetables, are most suitable for your soil.


Home security has gone total James Bond style. Facial recognition security cameras, can track who is coming and going—ideal for those families with kids, who are home without supervision.

Receive alerts, when recognized faces like the kids getting home from school, or when the delivery person arrives and leaves. or when an unknown visitor is on the premises, so you can take action accordingly.

Are you worried about lending the keys to neighbors, dog walkers or a contractor? Or losing your keys again? Hiding spares under the doormat for house-sitters and friends?

Consider going key-less, and installing a smart lock, for your door and garage. Supply a different code, to each of your kids, or for the visitors to your home. Simply type in a code and you’re in.

Get notifications on your smartphone, so you know who has entered and when. Furthermore, you can even add an expiry date, so that the contractor's code, stops working after the job is complete.


Imagine opening your door after a night out. The lights automatically turn on and your favorite song begins to play. Magic? Definitely not. The possibilities are endless, with a motion sensor and smart plug, your home reacts to you in amazing ways.

One of the quickest and easiest of ways, to transform the entire look of a room, is to mix up the lighting. You can now wirelessly control your light bulbs, and customize the light color and intensity, right from your smartphone.

Therefore, making it simple, to bring your living room from a lively game zone, to a vibey New York lounge, in seconds. You can also choose custom color combinations and can even create schedules to set the perfect mood for any occasion.

If you’re planning to be out of the house for any vacation, smart lighting systems, allow you to set appropriate timers, to give the appearance of someone being home, thereby deterring thieves.

Smart lighting can naturally improve your sleep cycle too, by learning your schedule, so it’ll know when to gently wake you, by brightening up and when it’s time to prepare your body for sleep, by slowly dimming.


When I was young, the thermostat was the thing I just wasn’t allowed to touch or adjust, even when it was freezing cold and I was already wearing two pairs of socks.

Today, thermostats are things I can adjust from anywhere, right from my smartphone! You homeowners can manage your home’s temperatures right from your mobile device, making it easy to turn up the heat on your way home from work, or turn it down on your way out to save energy and money on your heating bill. Smart systems will also track how much energy you are using, and even monitor which devices are the costliest to run.

You can protect your air quality, and your family’s safety with smart air monitors. These will alert you remotely in the event of any emergency, from fire alarms to smoke and carbon monoxide, water damage or gas leaks.

You will be immediately alerted, in the case of a home fire enabling you to react faster, even remotely. In the case that a gas leak, is coming from your heating system, these smart monitors can communicate with your thermostat, shutting it down instantly.

And for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, air purifier smart technologies, use an exclusive combination, including ion generation and photocatalytic oxidation, to significantly reduce the number of bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi in the air and on surfaces within a 2,000-square-feet area.


One of the easiest ways to add a cool factor to your house, that is sure to impress your guests, is when you add a wi-fi-enabled film to your windows, instantly switching from clear to opaque at the command of a smartphone app.

Smartly cleaned:

Have you ever Imagined coming home to an effortlessly clean home? Smart technology isn’t fully self-cleaning yet- so there’s your fantasy squashed- but you’re now able, to control your home cleaning appliances, with a quick smartphone swipe.

Smart vacuums, now allow for wireless remotes, and smart washers and dishwashers will allow you to control your cleaning cycles remotely, in order to avoid peak energy hours- thereby saving you money.

But, because water damage, is the number one cause of home insurance claims, it’s recommended, that someone be actually present at home, during the use of such appliances.

The next-generation house cleaning smart appliances, are already here. Products that are quite practical, for sweeping and mopping hard-to-reach places, such as under sofas or beds.

They not only map and remember, the contours of each room, but also recognize when they’re on hardwood or carpeting, adjusting the amount of suction required accordingly.

Leaving you with a piece of mindedness, that it will avoid falling down stairs. Best of all, it will end the cleaning process exactly where it initially began, promising a thorough job for you.


Sometimes you must just hate it, right, when all a toilet does is, flush? Your silent plea is heard. Good news! You can now buy a toilet that opens, closes, rinses, deodorizes, plays music and tracks your usage, all via a mobile application.

If you are looking to upgrade the most important seat in the house, this is certainly the way to go. It’s a splurge, though, as it’s quite expensive. So, if you don’t want to flush that much money away, keep reading; there are still three more smart technologies for you.

Smart hub:

These Artificial Intelligence assistants, can play music, deliver news and sports scores, tell the weather and even help you control your smart homes—without needing to click any buttons.

All it will take, is for you to simply say: OK Google, or: Hey Google, and the world can seemingly be summoned at your command. You can ask how the traffic is looking, between your home and the grocery store, learn about Napoleon's exile, or even turn off the lights in the basement- all by asking your Google Home device

Pet maintenance:

Your pet’s home life is getting smarter as well. Remote technology will allow you, to provide your four-legged friends, with three meals a day and, reduce any overfeeding with smart feeders.

It’ll get to know your pet’s needs and provide you with updates on their health and activity levels while you’re out- especially If you’re a helicopter pet-parent. WiFi-enabled pet cams check in on and you can play with your friend even, throughout the day.

Missing pet posters, is now a thing of the past. A GPS collar for your pet, can easily track them if they escape. You can also use smart technology to monitor them.

When they're entering your home through the doggie door, if they're getting enough water, or you can even check their movements via a live camera installed in your home or backyard.


I’m a, save the best for the last, kind of girl, so the final item on this list here is definitely, a winner.

Let me just set the scene. So, you have just bought every item on this fabulous smart home technologies’ list, and have finally created the ultimate connected home. To celebrate, you’re about to treat yourself to a fabulous vacation- if the funds allow you to!

The day has arrived and you’ve just about boarded your flight. However, just as you’re getting comfortable in your seat- Bermuda shorts on, half a can of soda in hand- you suddenly can’t for the life of you, remember if you did shut the garage door or not.

Now visions of thieves, stealing your new products, flash through your mind. Not the washroom! Not the wi-fi toilet!!

It would be nice to check in, wouldn’t it?!

Install a smart camera, so that you can easily monitor activity in your home from your smartphone. Baby tensions? Having to carry the monitor? No need. By installing sensors as well, you can just check in.

Do you have something you need protected? Be it alcohol in a cupboard, which you want to keep away from the kids; precious documents, or dangerous goods.

Just install a door sensor and program a nearby security camera, to send you a video clip at the time of the alert. This way you'll know who the offender is, or you will have an image you can supply to the police.

Wi-Fi cameras, can connect to your home network, and give you a live view of your home from anywhere, anytime, right from the smartphone, tablet or PC of your use. They allow you to be there- even when you’re not. The cherry on top of any smart home.

Something else:

One last smart reminder for you. Integrating your home with smart technology means increasing your home’s value— therefore, don’t forget to increase your home’s insurance coverage accordingly!

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