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A Vancouver-based Company Brings Hangover Pills into Existence!

he company is bragging about their latest creation – the ultimate hangover pills, this pill allows user to enjoy their night out but still remain productive and fresh the other day.

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : July 23, 2018 1740
A Vancouver-based Company Brings Hangover Pills into Existence!

The pill is created all natural by DHM (destroy hungover mornings) and is solely been approved by the FDA. The founder of the company is Nishal Kumar who is a tesla employer, the Vancouver entrepreneur, and the UBC graduate.

Mr. Kumar is specialised in chemistry and biology and with a crew of scientists, who belong from different backgrounds like biochemistry, geophysics, and genetics have helped him to create this pill, the athletes and entrepreneur are also involved in this existence.

The pill is made from the Dihydromyricetin (DHM), a natural ingredient that cracks down the toxic by product of alcohol to fight alcohols negative effects.

DHM which is used in Asia for centuries is mixed with thistle, prickly pear extract, electrolyte, vitamin B complex, N-acetyl and L- cysteine, an amino acid, to overcome the hangover syndrome.

The company reveals that the pill will fight headaches, nausea, brain fog and anxiety which will allow the consumer to arise fresh and energetic.

The pill does wonders as it “enhances the strength of key liver enzymes.” The effectiveness is so powerful that it leads to lower the effects of alcohol enabling the person to feel energetic the other day. Kumar explained, “the more effective these enzymes are, the less you feel the effects of alcohol the next morning.”

Everyone’s body is different. For people who produce a surplus of these enzymes, they’ll reap the benefits of the pills. A person whose body produces fewer enzymes will still enjoy the effects, although not to the same extent.”

The success rate of the product has increased to 90% after having 500 people tried the product. In each individual pouch there are two capsules of which one capsule has the ability to cover the hangover of five drinks. He further demonstrated, as a general rule of thumb, one capsule can cover five drinks and there are two capsules in each individual pouch.” 

So how to consume?

It’s essential to consume several glasses of water before bed along with proper sleep. The pills can be taken either before or during the drink.

“The water and sleep are essential,” says Kumar, “those are two things that you won’t be able to get in these pills.”

The company is looking forward to diversify their distribution channel within one year, but for now, stay tuned for more updates on their website or crowdfunding campaign till then you can purchase the product or keep surfing the website.

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