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Here Is A List of 5 Safety Inspection Tips When Moving Into a New Home!

Written by Mike Johnston Published On : August 08, 2018 1634
Here Is A List of 5 Safety Inspection Tips When Moving Into a New Home!

Moving to a new place is always stressful, no matter how old you are and how much experience in this field you have. You have to take lots of things into consideration, think everything through in advance, constantly remind yourself not to forget something important, as well as do a detailed inspection of your new home – and these things can really mess with your head.

However, probably the worst-case scenario involves you moving into a home you’ve already carefully checked and finding out something’s still wrong. You haven’t noticed that the floor is slightly crooked, or the walls aren’t as stable as they should be, or the front door isn’t sturdy at all – and now what? In order to prevent such a situation, you have to pay close attention to every inch of your new home, whether you’ve rented or bought it, and here are five of the most important safety inspection tips that might help you do the trick.

Fire alarms and extinguishers

This is a thing most people don’t pay attention to until it’s too late and they have to put out a fire in their kitchen or living room. Making sure your smoke detectors, fire alarms and extinguishers are fully operating is essential if you want to feel safe and sound every single day. Purchasing new extinguishers shouldn’t be too expensive. All you need to do is learn how to use them, and you’ll instantly take your safety to a whole new level.

Escape routes

Speaking of fire, you have to be prepared to face one that’s more dangerous or frightening than you’ve expected, so you have to know how to save your family from such a life-threatening situation. The only way to do that is by using escape routes, but you first have to make sure your new home is equipped with these. Ideally, every property should have at least three or four routes – one for each member of the family. Therefore, educate your family on this and teach them how to identify and use emergency exits in every room.

Electrical inspection

If you’re in a position to conduct electrical inspection before deciding whether to purchase/rent a certain property or not, be sure to do it, because doing it afterwards may be too late. Nevertheless, you can always call an electrician even after moving in, and make sure all your installations are in the perfect condition. You can do some of these things on your own, but it’s always better to leave it to a professional, just in case, so contact an experienced emergency electrician who can check all your installations, outlets, wiring, service panels and other items, and you’ll certainly feel much safer in your new home.

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