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How Sikhs Politics Correlate with that of Canada, Justin Trudeau Made it Clear!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : March 19, 2018 1937
How Sikhs Politics Correlate with that of Canada, Justin Trudeau Made it Clear!

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made his recent visit to India, he clarified the similarities between the Sikh Politics and the political scenario of Canada, and also he pointed out the complications, brought about with such comparisons, to the fruitful relationship of Canada and India.  

Through his visit, it came out that the Sikhs, comprising one percent of the entire population, have emphasized the Canadian politics. We have now four cabinet representatives from Sikh Federal and they are completely different from the larger Chinese community hence, incomparable. Another point in a slightly twisted representation of Sikhs is that in India, the Sikhs community occupies more than 20 million population of the country; still, they get only two senior cabinet posts.

This over-representation of Sikhs in the cabinet have made Trudeau to put more efforts in order to create a harmony among the community members, which could lead to the creation of the Khalistan, an independent Sikh State which is to be carved out of India. Back in December 2014, when Trudeau was a then-leader of the Liberal Party, he dropped out by Harjit Singh Sajjan to be selected as a true candidate in Vancouver South in place of Barj Dhahan, who was selected by Local Liberal constituency members.  

Sajjan now is happily supporting the World Sikh Organization (WSO) whose aim is to polish the independent Khalistan. Dhahan, on the other side, is supporting the former B.C. premier. And finally, the federal cabinet minister Ujjal Dosanjh, known as the most respectable person in the Sikh community of Canada, has no interest in the autonomous Khalistan.

One senior Sikh summed up the whole situation in only one statement. According to him, the WSO is playing a role as if it has hijacked the Liberal party and Justin is hand in hand with the extremist and fundamental groups.

It is not just an only problem that Sikhs are over-represented in the federal party, the party is also paying attention to both the Khalistani separatists and extremists as a short-cut road towards the strengthening of the community. This scenario, if taken into consideration by every ethnic and religious group of the country, would lead to the divisions of each community, if they run their own policies keeping in view only their benefit, not entire Canada, then it is highly likely that the communities would split up.

So, to have a better and righteous outcome, the liberal party should make considerable policies with some changes in the voting criteria.

There should only be the voting by the Canadian citizens in a federal election, and not by any political party, who can vote for delegates to a leadership convention and also the selection of candidates for the election. ; As such, the influence of citizens on the voting in elections should be maintained.

Not-citizens should not vote in the elections until they are a true Canadian, but they can play their role in politics as associate members of the parties.

Nowadays, the political parties keep on selecting non-Canadian peoples who have no knowledge about the political policies. This causes mishap to the Canadian democracy, so must be restrained. While the ones indulge in this abuse of the system are the Liberals and NDP. The both should review the policies and the voting rules from now onwards.

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