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How Time Flies: Some Famous Cities Before and After Structural Advancement!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : March 08, 2018 1717
How Time Flies: Some Famous Cities Before and After Structural Advancement!

With each passing time, technology and civil structures are getting advanced. People are learning new things, making their mind vaster, to put everything down for the betterment of the world. Everything changes with a very small period of time, and when it comes to 100 years, just think what would be the outcome. With a gap of a few years, many famous cities of the world have got an extreme change. Here are the pictures of these cities, before and after the structural and technological advancement.

  1. Berlin, Germany 1945 and 1990:

  1. Istanbul Turkey,1905 and Now:

  1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 1930 and Now:

  1. Los Angeles, USA, 1940 and Now:

  1. Macau China, 1964 and now:

  1. Long Beach, USA-1953 and Now:

  1. Sydney Australia- 1932 and Now:

  1. Toronto, Canada- 1930 and Now:

  1. Singapore, Republic of Singapore- 2000 and Now:

  1. New York, USA- 1962 and Now:

  1. London, The Great Britain- 1920 and Now:

  1. Dubai, UAE- 2005 and Now:

  1. Abu Dhabi, UAE- 1970 and Now:

  1. Chicago, USA- 1937 and Now:

  1. Melbourne, Australia- 1920 and Now:

  1. Shanghai, China- 1987 and Now:

  1. Shenzhen, China-1964 and Now:

  1. San Francisco, 1906 and Now:

  1. Fortaleza, Brazil- 1975 and Now:

  1. Tokyo, Japan- 1945 and Now:

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