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How to be a High-Tech Superhero by Using Devices: 5 Smart Ways!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : May 31, 2018 1918
How to be a High-Tech Superhero by Using Devices: 5 Smart Ways!

Science is one of the enormous innovations of the modern world. Science has made some impossible thing possible. It has brought revolution in every part of the world. Human activity has been left touched by science. It has not only affected physically but also the thinking of the human mind. If you all have watched the movie “STAR TREK” at your younger age you must have an idea of face identification and touchscreen. Who made the prediction at a very early time that this technology would essentially exist and openly accessible in the year 2018?

Nowadays, the scientific technology has provided us with the overwhelming invention that limits us and us to think about the possible ways of recreating these things. This hectic situation is now elucidating by the simpler ways of using smartphone and wearables product.

On these circumstances, we unite with the Samsung Canada that shows us 5 ways that how the smartphones can essentially change you into a high-tech superhero (with no need of a costume, haha.) you just need a phone in your hand to let your galaxy shines.

Just a tap is needed to control things

Now you can control anything with just a tap of your finger. If you want to listen to some song you can move to the playlists from the Samsung Gear IconX earbuds which contain 4GBs built-in-memory. It is a wearable technology with your phone, and only you have to tap the earbuds to change a song and receive calls.

Let your phone recognize your face

This is an amazing invention known as intelligent face scanning technology situated in your smartphone. Feel like a smart when you unlock your Galaxy S9 or S9+ with your stunning visage. This technology is the combination of face recognition and iris scanning which can be easily accessed in the low light condition.

Your new digital fitness instructor is here

If you can’t motivate yourself while working out and nobody is to go with you at the gym, don’t need to worry about anything as you have a Gear IconX which have got a built-in running coach and also provides you personalized update and keeps you motivated. In your phone, there is a Samsung Health app which records your workout and helps you to focus on you.

Get steamy with steam

If you have a busy schedule and don’t get a time and cannot afford a run out of the steam. You just need some music which will make you enchant and refresh from the hectic day. If your phone runs out of the battery, don’t get panic, the Gear IconX has earbuds which contain the long-lasting battery and have an amazing feature to listen to music via Bluetooth up to 7 hours. When you need to charge it, only you have to pop them in their case and they will start charging themselves.

Stay together forever

One-to-one co-ordination is good, but one-to-many is awesome. You can have your lifestyle fully sustained with the Gear S3 – a superior creative smartwatch, supported across three unified devices.

You upload your favorite playlist from your Galaxy S9 to your Gear IconX and take off for an afternoon run. Your favorite song comes on and makes you refresh. Then, you rotate the bezel on your Gear S3 and manage the speed you like using the speedometer. After all this, enjoy the outcomes with a full display on your Galaxy S9.

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