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How to Make Your Office Look Good & Spacious!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : December 21, 2017 1690
How to Make Your Office Look Good & Spacious!

Do you feel distracted or maybe a little low while doing work in your office? Have you ever tried to recognize the roots of these issues? Maybe you are too down to overcome these problems. The major thing you should be doing is to apprehend that maybe your office area is too mixed-up leaving the employees drowning in the well of confusions and disruptions. You first need to establish an area which looks more spacious and commodious. I bet, after that, you will feel free, calm, and contented in doing all your office works. So, let’s see what are the basic necessities in making your office expansive and airy.

Customizing Your Desks and Tables

Starting from the words of Craig Knight who is a researcher at the University of England with a degree in the psychology of working environments. He says, “If you empower people and give them control of their own space, they feel more psychologically comfortable and seem to perform better.” It is also believed that people who are more expressive and open in terms of maintaining their desks, are more linked and associated with their colleagues and work-mates, implied by Jennifer Veitch who is a main research officer at the National Research Council Canada.

Personalizing your desks can make you feel calmer and you can easily understand and do your work with serenity and peace. Decorating as per your personality can make you an easy-going person which leads to more association with your contemporaries. A matching ceramic corgi collections can work best in terms of a good relationship with your HR. You just have to keep in mind the height of Jason Momoa GoT, can help you make your desk more open and personalized. Also, a distracting a boss like Mr. Burns (The Simpson’s character) in your mind, can help to maintain your desk. *wink-wink*

Here are some points you should be adopting for maintaining your desks and also for the sake of serenity in the workplace.

Ø  Fill-in the Things You Like:

Craig Knight speaks about it, “Somebody who likes clean, minimalist conditions are every bit as creative in the space they choose as somebody else who wants to surround themselves with photos and plants.” He has better summed up everything. As per a research, it looks that women love to put the things on a working desk, whether the items are their personal things like photos, artwork, notes etc., as compare to men who are so dull and boring and keep only selective items like some sort of their career achievements. Surrounding yourself with things you like have a great tendency to make you happy and cheerful. And when you are happy, everything looks more jocular. First, you need to sort out whether you really like to maintain things that make you happy or you are a type of person who doesn’t need any item for happiness. The thing could be your favorite picture or an autograph of your favorite celebrity. You also need to group-up your belongings, it looks more inviting and sophisticated, recommended by Tiffany Partt who is an interior designer in Toronto. Pens in a suitable container near a fave Diptyque candle, stack coffee-table, and books underneath your laptop are little suggestions.

Ø  Use Vibrant, and Splashy Colors:

When there seems no fantasy and magical wand as of Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, in reality, try your magic by adding some colors, said by Knight. These colors have the power to make people gripped and pleased. When in doubt, white goes best but colors in combination can also provide you satisfaction. You can put white as the main color, while colors like minty-green, shades of blue, mauve, and pink work as side colors, recommended by Prat.

Ø  Natural Things to Work-Place:

A research conducted by Knight concluded that if you surround yourself with plants, your efforts could increase up to 15 percent. These green and jaded beings are a great source of elevating your mood. Plants are natural things, as compare to endorphins which are present inside the body, present exteriorly in the gardens are considered as mood boosters. You need to put those plants that don’t require much sunlight such as cactus, succulent ferns, orchids or maybe a terrarium. Pratt recommends, “A terrarium is a fun place where you can show your personality. You can put everything from a plastic dinosaur to your grandmother’s brooch in it.” There are many shops that offer a delivery, at the desk, of your favorite plants when you subscribe to them. You can make your mates jealous by telling that they are from your secret admirer. *wink-wink*

Ø  Dazzle-up Your System:

You must have observed that your mood swings right in more natural and brighter light. It has been also seen that the natural sunlight helps in increasing the productivity ratio. Of course, it is not possible to set up your office in an open-air to illuminate it with some natural light (it would be really stupid). Some artificial lights can work best in place of sunlight. Use an overhead bulb rather a desk lamp as it can only provide a spreading light leading to the failure of full-light-resolution. Philips Hue Bulb is an app connector device. When it is switched on, it can produce different luminescence and warm and cool colors that shine up your workplace, recommended by Pratt.    

Ø  Decorate the Floor:

After all that preparations, if you ignore the floor it would be a big injustice with it. So, decorate your floor with some cool carpets. Grey carpet can look great on the office floor. What could be more relaxing than a cozy and comfy pillow behind your back on the seat and a vivid rug underneath your feet? As these can reduce your stress of work and make you feel lighter.

Ø  Keep Everything Organized:

No matter what others say, you must first decide what you really like in order to increase the productivity of your place. If you like the grey color, put that ignoring the chattering of others (some assume grey as a dull color). The difficulty only comes when it is a time to organize the things on your desk. Don’t jump on big ideas, rather starts with small things. According to the arousing words of Linda Chu, who is a professional organizer in Vancouver, said that you need to make three labels of your targets: “Active,” “reference,” and “archival.” Your most important works come under the heading of ‘Active’ that’s why they must be organized in a separate ACTIVE folder on your desk. References item are needed some time, so they should be prepared in a separate REFERENCE folder in your desk drawer. Lastly, archival items are required once in a long while, so a distinct file of ARCHIVAL must be placed away from your desk to avoid haphazardness. You just need 20 minutes after your off-time to arrange all these things and to overcome any trouble for the next day.  

Ø  Put an Impulsive Poster or Words:

It is observed that whenever you see a thing more often, it permanently settles inside your brain as memory in the higher centers of the cerebrum. It means your sense of sight works more greatly as compared to the sense of hearing. In this way, when you put a motivational poster or words of some great personalities near your work-place, a boosting sensation strikes your brain and you feel ambitious altogether. Whenever you feel a little low and think of yourself as nothing but a waste, activate yourself by the words of some scholars as “Great things never came from comfort zones,” words by Dean Burnett, who is a neuroscientist and a man behind The Idiot Brain.

So, stop wasting a time and transforms your work-place into a more appealing one for your better activity and better outcome. Happy working!

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