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How to stick to your Career Goals: 2018

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : February 12, 2018 1812
How to stick to your Career Goals: 2018

We’ve all got our New Years resolutions planned and ready to be executed but, the vision keeps getting lost somewhere in between. 

The New Year has a lot in store and it’s common to forget, save it for the next year. However, we’ve got for you some easy tips to keep you dedicated towards your goals this year. Transform, put some meaning behind ‘New Year, New Me’.

1.Clarity is everything

The more specific and targeted your goals are, the more likely you are to achieve them. Tailor you goals to fit you, depending on your career, industry, flexibility. 

Vague goals will only lead you down the wrong path, the more leverage you give yourself the lazier you become. Keep your eyes on your own prize.


Reinstating the notion of flexibility, it is of paramount importance to give your goals the room to adjust according to the circumstances. The world keeps changing and so do our daily situations, therefore it may be difficult to follow a strict path. 

Don’t push yourself to limits you aren’t comfortable with, alter your goals monthly or even weekly to your own comfort.

 3.Seek specific benefits

While we all have our reasons to set goals, however, it is essential to keep recalling why you have set those goals. View the benefit as the motivation, as the driving force. 

Imagine, aspire and yearn for what you desire.

 4.Break em’ down

If your goal is in line with losing weight or earning money, it is quite unlikely it will be achieved overnight (unless, the genie grants you those 3 wishes).

 It’s a step by step by process and that’s how you should view. Set weekly targets, thus you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you take the effort.

5.Clear your head

Take a break, breathe. You will have to accept that things aren’t always in your control and they may spiral into a mess. You may find your self stress-eating, breaking down or having a killer headache.

If so, stop right there. Find your peace of mind: go on vacation, meditate, take a day off.

6.Don’t lose sight

When you feel like life’s out to get you, take a step back. Be careful, as times are changing, trends come and go.

 Now, not every trend is the right on for you even though it may seem as if that article of marketing just may boost your sales, it might just be a hoax. Think, then do.


They say the process of learning never stops. Continue educating yourself along the way, don’t just follow trends, create them. 

When chasing after your goal, let the journey define you through what you have learnt and how that has impacted you.


We are all flawed but, it’s time to embrace those flaws not disregard them. Change your habits to ones that help you grow and replace the habits that hinder the process. 

Using your phone religiously, lacking punctuality, being careless with money, won’t take you very far in your career and social life. Work on your good habits and watch the magic happen.


Most of us do not set goals just to decorate our resumes and pass time, goals are set so that we may raise you quality of life and become better human beings.

 Family, friends, travel, health, money— these are namely a few things to enlist in our list of priorities. Now it is up to us to decide where each stands in the rankings of what matters.

10.Have fun

It is true, that you need a conscious mind and brave heart to go after things you truly want. Contrastingly, no one said that there is anything wrong with having fun along the way.

 Do what gives you pleasure. Be it baking, yoga, spa time, charity, travel. While it may seem impossible on the way to reaching your goals, fulfilling your wishes along the way gives you a kick.


Whether it be for your career or self-development, we hope these tips provided you a guideline on how organize yourself. When it comes to reaping the benefits, just remember a little effort goes a long way. 

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