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It’s Not an Illusion, Canada Has an Incredible Pink Waterfall!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : March 11, 2018 1543
It’s Not an Illusion, Canada Has an Incredible Pink Waterfall!

You are not a patient of schizophrenia nor you are having some sort of hallucinations. It is real and a part of this world.

Canada is a place of an incredible pink lake and it is here in Alberta.

Some people are lucky enough to witness this beautiful and scenic view while others don’t even know about it.

In spite of the fact that this phenomenon is very rare and doesn’t always happen but some nature-lovers have been able to explore its beauty.

It is located at the Cameron Falls in Alberta’s Waterton Lakes National Park. The story behind it is that every day the waterfall initiates with a clear and crystal water with no sign of pink water.

Just imagine how soothing it looks when water, falls on the rocks producing shrilling yet calming sound. There is nothing comparable to it.

When after the end of the heavy rainfall, the waters upriver move up and unite with a red color argillite, a mudstone, and when it again gets down along with the falls, it looks like a pinky water when the sunshine falls on the mineral water. So, it’s kind of reflection phenomenon.

It’s a little challenging because only a fortunate one could see it but just imagine what it would feel like to experience such a rare and astonishing sight.

During spring and summer, when the rainy season arrives with a rainstorm, you can easily see this pink water.

All you need is a little hiking tip so that you can simply reach to the base side.  

As the spring season is on its way (well, it doesn’t seem that winter is leaving soon), get yourself to Alberta and view this incredible pink sight.

Pictures are included as to make you thrive more and for those who never get chance to go to Waterton Lakes National Park.

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