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Morgan Freeman is now the voice of Vancouver’s TransLink!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : May 27, 2018 1954
Morgan Freeman is now the voice of Vancouver’s TransLink!

Morgan Freeman-an American actor, producer and narrator is going to be assimilated above the next two months into the public service announcements of Metro Vancouver’s public transit system. Morgan’s pace is always slow, relaxed, unhurried ad soothing.

Visa Canada and TransLink have joined hand together to inform and aware passengers that they can now use their credit card to access the transit network beginning today.

TransLink’s ‘Avoid Card Clash’ campaign will held from June 04 to July 29.

Here are some Freeman etiquette messages such as:

  1. Hello transit riders, remember what your mom used to say: please keep your feet off the furniture.”

  2. “Hello bus riders, this is a smoke-free bus, but I’m sure you already knew that… Have a great day.”

  3. “Hello bus riders, please move to the back of the bus.”

  4. “Hello transit riders, please leave your seat for the elderly and pregnant women.”

  5. “Hello transit riders, though I’m sure you have excellent taste in music, remember to keep your headphones at a reasonable volume.”

These messages will end with “Remember that you can now tap your Visa wherever TransLink takes you.”

The announcement for SkyTrain passengers, “Good news, Vancouver! Starting today, you can now tap your Visa to go anywhere TransLink takes you.”

Morgan is a prominent figure. Oscar is also an achievement of Morgan. He has played many role in the films. He gets fame for his role for his role as a brand ambassador for Visa. He has done many of the credit card company commercials.

This is a great example of marketing innovation because we are using channels that are normally not marketing channels to tell our story in a very relevant, hyper-targeted way,” Nic Lopez, the senior director of marketing for Visa Canada, told Daily Hive in an interview.

“Freeman is the voice of Visa, and we know consumers associate his voice with the Visa brand, so we thought it was very appropriate to have him make announcements and add humour and communicate the exciting message that transit riders now have the expedience and convenience to tap their Visa anywhere TransLink takes them.”

Lopez says his team has been working on this specific experiential marketing project for over a year. Their agency came up with the idea, and they presented it to TransLink, which has “been a fantastic partner to work with and make it happen.”

TransLink also give access to contactless Visa and Mastercard and smartphone mobile wallet capability on fare gates and bus card readers.

Visitors who arrive at Vancouver International Airport won’t have to worry about calculating zones and fares and dealing with the ticket vending machines. Who wants that after a long flight?” said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond during a press conference, adding that Metro Vancouver is now the first transit system in Canada and one of the few systems in North America and worldwide to provide such a comprehensive fare payment system.

“And it’s good news for customers who live who might be going to an event at BC Place and Rogers Arena. Instead of lining up for the ticket vending machine, I’ve seen it for myself, you can just tap and go.”

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