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The Technology Is Gloo-ing

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : June 28, 2018 1324
The Technology Is Gloo-ing

Bottles are Used For Holding Liquids or sometimes as vessels for the flower. Till now this was the only use of bottles,But now bottles are turning in Wireless charging Devices along with glowing feature.
you read it right! Bottles are going be become wireless charger for Electronic Devices Soon. 


A Company Named Deconnect has already Started Working on this and they have created a device named “Gloo” that is a basically a  bottle made up of electrons which will store electronic charges. This Bottle is filled up of electronic components that will charge devices Wirelessly.
Deconnect Says “It will be thing that you want to own and show to your friend because it is first of its kind”.


Lets Talk about its Performance, the largest Gloo Bottle Can Charge upto Four Devices At the Same Time Two Device over Qi Charger and two over USB Port . All you need to prop you Device against the bottle Sides to Receive  the Charges.
Its Unparalleled Performance Feature provide Safe and Secure harging to Both Wireless charging devices and USB port Charger.

Mobile APP
Deconnect will Provide a mobile app named “Gloo” which will be Bluetooth / WiFi-enabled to seamlessly connect to your smartphone with Gloo bottle. This App Will Enables You  to control your lighting environment, select different colors or choose pre-defined ambiances and lighting scenarios for your surroundings.