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Top 5 Outdoor Renovations That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

Written by Mike Johnston Published On : August 27, 2018 1085
Top 5 Outdoor Renovations That Will Boost Your Home’s Value

The possibility of renovating your home is one of the great benefits of owning a property. Expertly done, property renovations can improve your lifestyle, add to your property value, and provide a great sense of satisfaction. While some are motivated by the need to add space, others simply want to restore an older home to its former glory.

However, lately, many homeowners embark on renovation projects in order to maximize their property’s value ahead of the sale, or in the case of investors, to be able to command a higher rent. Still, so many homeowner-renovators unfortunately overlook the yard, which offers almost infinite possibilities for improvement and can offer many great memories in the future. Let’s look into some of yard renovations with the highest ROI.

Upgraded landscaping

Landscape design is an essential element of every outdoor renovation project, and provides softness that eases the visual transition from structure to nature. Start with basic landscaping such as popular eye-catching plants, herbal gardens, and climbing vines like jasmine or moonflower. The next step are hardscape projects like a meandering flagstone walkway to the back door, or a landscape structure such as a gazebo with retaining walls and built in planters. With professional landscaping service you can add up to 20% more value to your home.

New front door

This is probably the only house improvement element that is always worth more money the moment you install it. A new solid steel door guarantees a return of more than 100%. Although it’s hard to believe at first, it perfectly makes sense. Nobody buys a car because of the wheels, but everybody check the wheels before buying a car. It’s the same with the front door – it doesn’t sell a home, but it’s the first thing a potential buyer checks upon walking in. If the front door is solid and in a good condition, the buyer cannot assume other than that the entire home is up to the expectation.

Durable concrete patio