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Trudeau Names Brenda Lucki as Canada's 1st permanent female RCMP commissioner!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : March 09, 2018 1891
Trudeau Names Brenda Lucki as Canada's 1st permanent female RCMP commissioner!

Canada’s PM – Justin Trudeau has decided to put Brenda Lucki as the country’s permanent female RCMP commissioner, in Regina – Friday, we have confirmed this from the sources.

We also received from another source that the Trudeau aims to make the statement at the RCMP depot training centre in Saskatchewan as a figurative sign that they have all plans to adopt a cultural change.

The management change comes after astounding throw of reports regarding claims of discernment and sexual assault in national police force, and comes up by reference that government enact civilian governance and misunderstand of the Mounties.  

The prime minister was supposed to announce at 11:15 a.m. ET. and carry it live.

It was stated that the upcoming commissioner will be liable to show their knowledge of the country’s "Indigenous culture and a sensitivity to the issues relevant to the diversity of the Canadian population."

The change of Bob Paulson, who left at the end of June, was selected by a committee of six-woman, three-man controlled by Frank McKenna who is the former premier of New Brunswick. He also served as Canada's ambassador to the United States.

Lucki, the Regina’s Depot division commanding officer joined the RCMP in year 1986. She attended in the previous Yugoslavia and aided for training and selecting police units. 

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