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Trudeau, Trump in talks about tariff threat!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : March 06, 2018 1320
Trudeau, Trump in talks about tariff threat!

WASHINGTON – Canadian PM Justin Trudeau talked on phone with United States President Trump with regards to US decision that it is ready to put tariffs to give a push to NAFTA deal.

Yesterday, the US President openly connected the issue of tariffs on metal to the continuing work of NAFTA. Robert Ligherhizer stated that the United States is in full mood swing to set the NAFTA deal which if gets done, both Mexico and Canada just might evade tariffs.

"We're not backing down. ... Right now, 100 per cent (chance we proceed with tariffs)," Trump opened up Monday in the Oval Office.

"But it could be a part of NAFTA."

Trump also wrote on Twitter that aluminum and steel tariffs would be a part if a new NAFTA deal is penned.

Trudeau called him in the evening.

According to sources, the conversation between the two was friendly, indicating words from Trudeau that the he talked with president about his desire to roughen up NAFTA deal.

Trudeau opened up about the tariff issue as not great which the US president is eager about announcing in a week’s time.

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"The prime minister ... registered his serious concern about the U.S. administration's proposed tariffs," Canadian statement.

"He emphasized that the introduction of tariffs would not be helpful to reaching a deal on NAFTA."

On closing round of NAFTA talks, the American media was told by US trade czar that there will be some time for the tariff to being, whereas if both Mexico and Canada succeed with NAFTA agreement, there is a chance that both will be free from the tariffs.

Lighthizer stated an unparalleled insistence to get a deal.

He gave four imminent developments as why to haste. Firstly, there is election in Mexico the coming July. After that, there are provincial elections to be held at Ontario and Quebec. The United States has midterm congressional races for November. 

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