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Winnipeg Neighborhood Gets Serious with a Hilarious Prank – Nuclear Threat!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : April 25, 2018 1352
Winnipeg Neighborhood Gets Serious with a Hilarious Prank – Nuclear Threat!

Winnipeg neighborhood got trapped in a deadly prank broadcasted some days back when police said with a warning that there was a nuclear threat expected to happen.  

An audio recording was made howling in the surrounding areas with a warning note through Osborne Village at 9:20 pm on Sunday that Canada and the United States was going to hit by a nuclear attack having six missiles in no less than 25 minutes.

"All Canadian residents should seek out a fallout center immediately," the recording said in a mechanical-sounding voice.

A strict advice was made to the people to stay away from the windows and have their survival kits on.

The news also said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be addressing the people after a quick interval of time.  

Const. Jay Murray said that these recordings were also received by them with four calls and it got stopped when the police officers finally reached.

Through investigations, it revealed that the audio was being generated by an online video played through a home speaker system.

"This is some jokester who probably thought it would be funny to play this audio and it's unfortunate," Murray said. "I don't think they probably realized the amount of fear and panic they put into some people and the stress on, not only the police system but other systems as well."

Murray also said that if again such thing happens, bringing national security threat to the country, it would notify through official channels.

On the other hand, Manitoba government said there were no such security alerts issued to them on Sunday.

Not only Canada came under this kind of threat, but countries all over the world said they have been trapped inside this hilarious prank. US President Donald Trump and North Korean’s Kim Jong Un also accepted this while talking about the nuclear weapons testing.

In January, the same kind of panic attacks was made to Hawaii with an emergency tagline that an airborne missile would soon hit the grounds so people must seek shelters. The member of Hawaii Emergency Management Agency who spread this false news was fired from the company.

After some days of the Hawaii incident, Japan’s public broadcaster NHK thrilled the subscribers of its mobile app by the news of emergency alerts that North Korea had launched a missile. The broadcaster quickly posted a disclaimer apologizing for everyone.  

The weekend turned bad but the BBC news made everything right by saying the video of a BBC journalist warning people of the thermonuclear blast was false.

Murray turned angry when he said Winnipeg police have never been gone through such prank before, but to his imaginations, this is not going to be the last one. And if anyone does a similar thing, he himself be ready for the complications.   

"I can't imagine if you have someone who thinks this is imminent, what is going through their mind, so it's a matter we take very seriously."

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