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1,000 Years Old Royal Palace Discovered in China!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : January 24, 2018 1828
1,000 Years Old Royal Palace Discovered in China!

Archaeologists while digging have discovered an ancient royal palace in China. From the remnants, it looks that the palace was a site of summer retreat for the royal family of Liao Dynasty. When the sun-scorched intensely, the Liao emperors along with their family and the palace workers moved into this palace located in the mountainous area of China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The news was disclosed by the Xinhua News Agency.

The archaeologists have found many royal family’s belongings including glazed tiles, pottery, and copper nails, nearing Duolun County, inside Inner Mongolia region, per the news broadcasted on the Xinhua. They excavated deeply and found a total of 12 buildings higher than 2,500 square feet. A researcher of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Institute of Archaeology, Ge Zhiyong, stated Xinhua that the objects found from the site of digging belonged to the mid-Liao Dynasty.

Ge further told the Xinhua that the archaic did show the architecture and cultural heritage of the Liao Dynasty. They are planning to undergo Large-Scale digging to know more about it.

The Liao Dynasty emerged from the Khitan, a kind of nomadic people, that are now living in today’s Mongolia region and northern areas of China, Russia, and Korea. Their emperor name was Kaghan, known as Abaoji, who set up the basis of Liao Dynasty, according to the research printed in International Business Times. The Dynasty initiated from either 907 A.D. or 916 A.D., the time when Abaoji took oath as the power-man or ruler of the Liao Dynasty. As the historic objects and items unveiled, it looks that those people were masters of art, music, and poetry. The Liao Dynasty soon ended their time in 1125 when the Jin Dynasty took control as a new power who celebrated their ruling for almost a century after the fall of Liao Dynasty.


The people of Dynasty were termed as Proto-Mongol, who had seemed to have no mean of written language for the dialectal acts in their initial times. But, soon they obtained two kinds of written language which looked alike to the Chinese Language but the scripts still need to be decrypted for their better understanding, as revealed by the non-profit Asia Society.

Though they expanded on the ground massively, their emperors were not allowed to get married to the one not belonging to their Khitan tribes or from any person from foreign populations, to store, as what they called it, “Purity” in the Royal Family, depicted by Asia Society. The Women of the Majestic Family at that time seemed to have more political influence as compared to their Chinese equals. Asia Society’s another revelation suggested that more or less three Queens of Liao Dynasty had enjoyed their power as taking part in the court policies and political affairs.

The Liao Dynasty was known to be the first rulers who merged their nomadic cultural heritage and ways of conquest with the Chinese style of government of that time. Asia Society exposed that the same strategy later put forward by the Mongol Hordes when they got their reign over the Jin Dynasty.

Archaeologist and Paleontologist are really working great in bringing the pre-historic era back into reality, last time they excavate some old place near Israel Highway and this time an old palace in China!

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