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50 Wise Resolutions to Follow in 2018!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : December 31, 2017 2129
50 Wise Resolutions to Follow in 2018!

I wonder how time passes so quickly. It is surprised to see that 2017 is almost ending and feels like it was just yesterday when the whole sky was covered with lighters, cherry bombs, illuminations, and firecrackers. With all the gloominess, 2017 is only for some hours with us. So, let’s just welcome 2018 with very promising and good resolutions for the year to come.

1.    “I Will Do Morning Exercise Daily”


You must kick out that lazy insect that is being growing inside you since forever and promise yourself that you will going to have a morning exercise daily in 2018. Start initially by doing with a one day gap as exercise helps soothe your body and soul and destress your mind.

2.    “I Will Add Green Vegetables to My Diet”


The second must-do thing is to add at least one green vegetable in your diet. These green leaves are a good dietary source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Try adding vegetables like spinach leaves, cucumber slices, sprigs of parsley etc. in your every meal.

3.    “I Will Use Reusable Coffee Mugs”


Adopt a different mindset and use a traveling or reusable mugs for coffee. The disposable cups would require a hard pay from your wallet as you have to buy it so often. Reject them and use reusable mugs also for the sake of the environment.

4.    “I Will Learn to Crack a Good Joke”


To make people happy is a good thing and the best way to make them happy is by cracking a laughable joke that only can be achieved by practice. Make yourself skillful by learning an entertaining gag. Just make sure it won’t look like you are be-mocking someone and won’t offer resentments to others.

5.    “I Will Drink At least 8 Glass of Water Everyday”


 This is a must do thing because our body is approx. 60 percent water and to carry on all the vital function of the cells, it is the main component. Make sure you drink plenty of water in 2018 in order so you won’t dry-out the coming year.

6.    “I Wil Stock-up All the Greeting Cards”


To protect from future problems and difficulties, make sure you buy many greetings cards like birthday cards, thank you card etc. This way you won’t be facing troubles when an urgent notice knocks your door.

7.    “I Will Start Negotiating My Life”


Even it is just a few hours a week, try negotiating yourself and your life. Work out on thinking about life and, your problems and their solutions, things to sort out or things you like. It may be a question that how to bring yourself back to life. A peaceful area full of nature works best for mediating and have a tranquilizing effect on your mind and soul.

8.    “I Will Keep Min. $10 In My Wallet Always”


ATM card does not always work well as its sky-touching payment sucks. Make sure from 2018 when you leave home your wallet contains a minimum of $10 to lessen the excessive use of ATM card.

9.    “I Will Call My Grandparents More Frequently”


These old peoples are more desiring for our love and time. They want someone to sit beside them and listen to their life and advice. Make sure you make a habit of calling your grandparents more frequently if you couldn’t manage to visit them on regular basis. But trust me those wrinkled face would smile hard when you sit with them and talk.

10.  “I Will Buy Only Those Magazines Which I Actually Read”


This year make a habit of saving money on things you don’t put an eye on. Grab only those magazines and newspapers which you like to read and prevent yourself from buying those things which are left only with dust in your home.

11.   “I Will Energize My Phone More Often”


The overburden phone can be stuck and hanged more often. Next time, energize your phone by deleting apps that are no longer in your use and of course, delete pictures from the gallery which are identical.

12.  “I Will Leave Office When the Clock Strikes 5:30”


This can only look good when you go to the office on time. Some people may have closing time at 6:00 PM or maybe on other time also. Tell your coworkers that when it’s finally the time, you will leave office because your company pays only for the specific time limit work in the office. But won’t be rude because sometimes helping out is a good thing.

13.  “I Will Visit an Old Friend”


Make sure in the year to come, you visit an old friend whom you haven’t met in a long while. Sit with them and revive your childhood memories and cherish the happy moments.

14.  “I Will Adopt New Things”


It is a good habit to shut out things which no longer provide you pleasure. 2018 is surely a year in which you will going to adopt new things if you want. Get rid of making the same plans or reading the same book always. Open your wings and fly to reach new things.

15.  “I Will Remove Makeup Before Going to Bed”


This one is for ladies out there but in this era men also use products to beautify their skin so take it for both genders. Even after a long and tiring day or after fun-filled parties, try washing your face and removing makeup. Use wet tissues and cleansing wipes if you feel very lazy and exhausted. The makeup left on your skin overnight can be dangerous.

16.  “I Will Sleep At Least 7 Hours at Night”


Being a workaholic and no sleep would not set you high rather it makes you gloomy, dull, and of course, your mind won’t work properly. As per doctors’ advice, take 8 hours of sleep every night. If 8 hours is not possible, try to have at least 7 hours of sleep. Set your schedule accordingly.

17. “I Will Stop Using My Phone 30 Minutes Before Going to Bed”


Using mobile phone at night when everything’s already dark can bitterly affect your eyesight. This year make a habit of putting your mobile phone away from you 30 mins before going to bed. Instead of setting alarm on the mobile phone, try an actual alarm clock and perhaps you should better leave your phone in charge in another room.

18.  “I Will Seek Help from Right Person”


There is no shame in discussing your life’s biggest decision with someone you trust. Try finding a mentor through enhancing your professional circle and seek help from the experts, be it your personal or professional issues.

19.  “I Will Love More and Forgive More”


You know being angry at someone cost nothing but your body’s precious energy. This year try spreading love and forgive the people around you more. Because sometimes letting go with open arms are worth beyond anything.

20.  “I Will Take Out Some Time Only for Myself”


Time spend with oneself is something we all should do more often as the time spent alone with no one can never be wasted (That’s what I believe). This year arrange a trip to the place you like to enjoy yourself and nature.

21.  “I Will Be More Organizing and Clean”


Promise yourself that in the coming year you will going to spend 10 mins a day to clean away all the clutters in your place. Promise that you will be more organizing and do the task within the required time limits.

22.  “I Will Work Harder to Earn More Wealth”


If this is taken in a positive sense, there is no bad thing to be wealthy if you are spending your money rightly. This year make a pledge to increase your finances by taking small steps. Start checking your cable bills, credit card sores and keep in check of your finances. Spend your money wisely.

23.  “I Will Fragrance-up My Home with Flowers”


Not always but sometimes buy flowers to fragrance-up your home. You can also put those fresh blooms in your workplace. As you know that sweet scent and aroma have a marking effect on mind and soul.

24.  “I Will Leave Phone at Home When Out for Dinner/Lunch”


Remember the older people used to thank God before starting a meal and we on the other take a picture before eating. This is actually very sad to see the new generation heading to nowhere. This year make a resolution that you will leave your phone at home when out for dinner or if it is not possible then at least try not to take stupid pictures just to flood up your social accounts.

25.  “I Will Spend Less Time In front of TV”


Make a habit of spending less time in front of TV just like you scroll your Facebook page when there are just same stupid stories going down. See an informative documentary or maybe a good show and movies.

26.  “I Will do an Annual Checkup”


It is good to have a checkup with an expert to see what is being going on. Why not start adding it in your to-do list from this year onwards.

27.  “I Will be More Lively and Cheerful”


A happy mind comforts heart. So, for the sake of your heartbeat, be more cheerful and happy. Dance around, laugh more, and have a walking chit-chat rather than sitting one.

28.  “I Will Speak-up for My Rights”


Being silence doesn’t always solve your problems. It is better to sometimes argue and speak up for your rights. Just keep in whom you are talking, your way of saying words, and of course, your voice tone. Argument in a good way won’t spoil your relationships.

29.  “I Will Boost Myself Up Through Motivational Words”


Have you ever encountered that when you are sad or miserable how some soothing words can cheer you up? This year take out 365 motivational booster words for each day and paste near the place which comes more in your sight and repeat it again when you need a motivational lift up.

30.  “I Will Surely Give Up Smoking”


For the sake of your good health and the people around you, as smoking peoples not only put themselves in danger but also to the one near them as they inhale the smoke. Make a deadline and quit this bloody habit of yours, starting initially by small steps or an expert’s help.

31.  “I Will Organize My Closet”


This year take out all your clothes from the closet more often and organize them in a proper way. Separate the clothes which are no longer in your use and donate them if they are in their proper shape and material.

32.  “I Will Unsubscribe the Things I Don’t Use”


Why there is number of subscriptions when they are of no use? Unsubscribe them if you don’t want to use them anymore. An app called Truebill can help you out in this regard.

33.  “I Will Try to be a Good Chef”


Amazed your family by making delicious food for them. This year, in one day of every twelve months, try a new recipe available on the internet and in cookbooks and bless your taste buds.

34.  “I Will Eat Less Meat”


Start your week with eating less meat. That doesn’t mean you should stop eating meat as meat has its own benefits. Spend your money on vegetables and fruits more.

35.  “I Will Not Drink”


Instead of being drunk and lost in a complete hangover. Try not to have them to soothes your cravings with other things which are also with reasonable prices.

36.  “I Will Outline My Wishes and Will”


You have no idea when a time will come and you breathed your last. It’s better to carry out the legal and law processes such as power of attorney and letter of instructions etc. Done with them this year.

37.  “I Will Explore New Routes”


Isn’t it boring to go to office through the regular route? This year try exploring your neighborhood places by taking new routes to the office, grocery store etc.

38.  “I Will Take Part in Volunteering Programs”


Helping hands are better and the good way to help others is by taking part in volunteering programs. You will surely feel great when you help out people in need. Try taking part in such activities at least once a month.

39.  “I Will be Nicer to Others”


If you want a good relationship. You need to have a good attitude. Researchers defined the happy and unhappy relationships in the ratio of positive to negative that represents as five to one. Try to be five times nicer than to be one time ruder.

40.  “I Will Use Sunscreen in the Sunny Day”


I don’t know if it really works or not, but try to protect your skin from the burning sunshine by using sunscreen whenever you leave home in sunny day. if not 100 percent than at least 80 percent results comes as positive.

41.  “I Will Use Dark Chocolate than Milk Chocolate”


As dark chocolates are rich source of antioxidants so why being far away from them? Drink or eat dark chocolates more often than milk chocolates to boost up your mind and body.

42.  “I Will Use Phone Calls Rather Than Texting”


If it is really important discussion than you must visit your friend. Avoid texting when the conversation could lead to one hour. In place of this, just call and don’t waste your time. in 2018, make calling superior over texting.

43.  “I Will Stop Being Judgmental”


The resolution I like most and trying to carry it on since I don’t know when. Don’t keep everything in track. If you are the one who gives everyone the most expensive gifts always, don’t lose this habit in the gloominess of being judgmental. Try to do more good for the people around you. Because everyone’s doing what they can do and same goes for you too.

44.  “I Will Get a Massage Regularly”


Massage take away all your pain and stress and when it is accompanied with aromatherapy, it becomes a plus point. If you don’t want to spend the money on these things, use homemade products and destress your body at home. Try to make it a habit this year.

45. “I Will Interact with My Colleagues”


When there is a lunch break at office, interact with your colleagues, chit-chat, share ideas, and vast your knowledge. Try to ask one question in a presentation. Discuss with your boss. This year, speak and be heard.

46.  “I Will Take Care of My Teeth”


Make a habit of brushing your teeth three times a day. Floss them after every meal. Use a mouthwash as per recommendations of your dentist. A shining smile can make your dentist happy too.

47.  “I Will Try a New Look”


Doesn’t it boring to have a usual haircut, dressing, and makeup always? This year, do experiments on yourself and try a new look which you haven’t ever tried. It may be chic accessories or clothes or maybe a metallic makeup.

48.  “I Will Try to Reach Places a Little Early”


Promise yourself that won’t let people wait for you for ages. This year, make a habit of reaching out to people, places, meetings, and dinner a little early, perhaps five or ten minutes. People will be less annoyed and you too will be relaxed. 

49.  “I Will Read More”


Try reading a new book every month instead of wasting your time on stupid mobile apps and games. (Well, only one book per month is a very low number for me.)

50.  “I Will Try to be More Flexible”


Flexible people can adjust in any situation. The biggest resolution of the year is to be kind and generous towards people and don’t hold grudges at all. Most importantly, show sympathy towards yourself too.

In the ending points, I must say that past remains in the past, the thing that’s in your control now is the future. Work out for your ‘present’ so that your ‘future’ will be stable. Forgive others, love others, spread happiness, be strong, and move on. A very happy New Year to all of you. Cheers!

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