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7 Ways to Go Green at Home

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : October 28, 2017 1613
7 Ways to Go Green at Home

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is indeed, more important than you think. Our precious Earth is full of natural beauty and various vital natural resources; if everyone were to do a little bit here and there, to keep their areas clean and, learn to waste a little less, we would make a tremendous impact on the Earth’s well-being. We can then make sure, that the next generations will be able to enjoy, all of this as much as we do.

With the billions of people living in the world today, we don’t at all quite realize, how huge of an impact we leave on our environment, on a day-to-day basis. So right now, we have a serious pollution problem.

We’re using up a vast quantity of fossil fuels, which produce noxious gasses when burned. We’re filling our lands with trash and industrial waste, thereby putting wildlife at great risk. We’re cutting down forests faster, than the individual trees can spring up.

And that’s just naming a few of the ways our world is currently being endangered.

Conservation of the environment is therefore, a topic that people just can’t stop discussing. The only problem is that most of the people, just do not know how to start in the right direction.

Fortunately, going green is easy, and can often save you money in the long run, as you embrace a more efficient, waste-free way of life.

Without spending much and having to forego your normal comforts. To do your part, all you have to do is make a few simple changes, which you homeowners are always eager for, in order to save energy or cut down on waste.

There are minute actions, we can all take to reduce waste and pollution. Start by examining your water usage, heating habits and choice of cleaning products.

The best part? You can make these changes from the comfort of your own house, and become an eco-hero ( or heroine!) without ever changing out of your pajamas. What’s not to love about that?!

To help you do all this, here are some seven easy things, you can do to become more environmentally friendly, and can go green at home. So here we go!!

70 percent of the Earth is water!


When brushing your teeth- turn off the faucet.

Love long (170 liters’) baths- or longer bills? Take 50 liters’ showers.

Install a low-flow shower head and faucet aerator to conserve water without losing pressure.

Fix that precious water leak.

Turn the water off- save about 5 gallons per day.

It’s Freezing!

It is not…...

You won’t freeze, in your home at 62 degrees- your bodies are adaptable.

Save three percent from your heating bills.

Adjust your thermostat a little higher in summer, and lower in winter.

Clean radiators, electric baseboards. Chimney flue.

Install a programmable thermostat, to control heating.

Insulate doors, windows, water-heaters; use thick curtains to conserve heat.

Save energy bills- conserve the environment.


Yeah, your home office….

Cardboard, paper, glass, metal- all better than plastics; biodegradable.

Reduce paper as well- go digital instead.

Use both sides of printing paper.

Reuse one-sided printed paper, as notepads.

Give paper for recycling.


It’s just dilution…..

Effect won’t change if detergents, shampoos are a little diluted.

Opt for powdered soap, instead of liquid ones.

Green cleaners better than chemicals; less environmental damage.

Don’t buy unnecessary items- wastes increase; borrow instead.

When buying, invest in reusable and high-quality items.

The lights are on!

They better not be….

Energy sucker- turn lights off when not in use.

Replace older incandescent bulbs, with compact fluorescents.

For desks and home offices, good task lights better than overhead ones.

Light-Emitting-Diode (LED) bulbs- good energy saving, longer lifespan alternative.

Save 10 percent of your electricity; turn off electrical equipments.

Buy or replace older appliances with newer, economical, environmentally friendly home appliances.

Defrost your freezer regularly.

Energy monsters:

Slay them……..

Want to decrease wattage bills? Use power strips and power saving modes, on your electrical machinery.

Save more than 50 dollars by hibernating, turning off or activating standby on your computing devices.

Water-heating monster, insulate it for energy saving.

Refrigerating vampire- check seal, keep coils clean; thermostat.

Don’t want to use it again:

But you should……

Above all else, the best way to go green, in your home is to recycle.

Sustainable, used or repurposed furnishings- easier on the planet.

Give up the junk- go paperless, go digital, online banking, etc.

Reuse water bottles, grocery bags, envelopes, packaging cartons.

Origin- before purchasing anything, check its origins; ecological better.

Kitchen- natural gas usage better. Lid on pots- faster cooking.

Seasonal and local products; usually better.

Cold water laundering, line drying- better clothes, better saving.

Getting fat? Drive less, bike, walk, cruise-control; better health, better Earth.

Trash- follow guidelines for proper disposal, of your electronics.

Garden- compost area for your rotten food; grow organic fruits and vegetables, better than processed foods.

Sun- through solar energy (if you can afford it!) carbon footprint decreasal, bye-bye electricity bills.


With the wealth of our current high-efficiency electronics, and recycling options at our fingertips, going green in your own home, has never been easier. Becoming more environmentally friendly at home, is therefore not hard – you simply need to be aware of the different options and take action!

 There is a lot you can do at your home to be eco-friendlier, and by changing your daily routine just a little, quite a significant reduction, in energy usage levels can be achieved.

This will also mean your utility bills will be reduced- never a bad thing. So, go green like never before!

You are thinking, “I can’t make that big of an impact” right? Even if you don’t think that you’re making enough of an impact on the planet, you will make in impact on your own life.

If we all just paid a little more attention, to the little things and made a smarter decision, for ourselves to go green, we really could help restore our home, to its natural beauty- as a united effort!

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