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8 Easy Home Décor Tips for Holidays 2017!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : November 29, 2017 1415
8 Easy Home Décor Tips for Holidays 2017!
Home is where the art is. Although, this adaptation of the saying is not widely used, there is much more truth to it. Our homes are our sanctuaries, we are obliged to keep them clean, hospitable and alluring. The interior of the home represents the owner, their aesthetic and their creativity. From our affluent A-listers to the common man, each of us share a desire to express ourselves through various mediums. Now, not everyone has an interior designer pulling strings to make sure the cushion covers match the curtains. 

But, here are some decoration tips that prove to be worthwhile when you’re summoning your inner interior designer this holiday season of 2017. 

1. Play with colour:

Do the drapes match the rugs? They do not have to, let your inner artist navigate you to unfamiliar waters. Match the black leather sofas with yellow satin cushions. Take the risk. Do not succumb to the fear of mismatching. If after all you are not pleased with the look, shuffle the colour schemes. You never know which combination might stick. 

2. Flower Power:

A vase can uplift the interior of any room and especially when that vase is equipped with a vibrant bouquet of flowers, what more could you want. Place it on a centre table, a shelf or go the extra mile and cluster your home with multiple varieties of bouquets and artistic vases. Bask in the aroma and the colour they bring to your life and interiors. 

3. Keep it Lit:

Let there be light, keeping the windows open adds a simple yet outdoorsy look to your home. However, you can use lamps will be good to go. Lamps come in whimsical and sophisticated themes, they can add the fun and keep it elegant. They bring in comfort and class, so be sure to have some places for those lazy coffee-with-a-book days. 

4. Give rugs a chance: