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H-1B Visa Is Finished: Highly Skilled Foreign Workers Relying on Canada as Trump Administration Crashes on Program!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : February 28, 2018 4129
H-1B Visa Is Finished: Highly Skilled Foreign Workers Relying on Canada as Trump Administration Crashes on Program!

Foreign workers defined in ‘Highly Skilled’ category in the US on H-1B visas are planning to transfer their skills to Canada, with the introduction of tougher restrictions from the Trump administration on the program.

The founder of – Vikram Rangnekar is running this platform which aids foreign workers in the technological industry to go to Canada from US stated that his portal has seen thousands of people wanting to move north in the previous months.  

Those interested are visa holders of H-1B and the highly skilled overseas specialists doing work in areas with lack of capable American workers.

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"The H-1B visa is over," Rangnekar spoke to Newsweek. "A lot of places like the U.S., Australia and Singapore are shutting their doors, and people in the tech world are saying, 'Where can I go to set up a life?”

For Rangnekar and different others, the response seems to be Canada. The programmer was a part of LinkedIn located in Silicon Valley for 6 years with the H-1B program, until the individual decided he’s had enough with the restrictions. He wanted to initiate his self-made technology firm but couldn’t lay his hands because of the program he had entered US.

 "I just wanted my freedom back. I wanted to be able to do other things," Rangnekar said. "After so many years of stress and uncertainty in the U.S., so many people are surprised to find Canada is just this super undermarketed place... All that rhetoric in the U.S. just does not exist."

His words came after the administration of Trump’s latest announcement of a new policy that will make process of application more difficult for both companies and skilled workers opting to benefit from H-1B program.

USCIS – US Citizenship and Immigration Services opened a policy standard on Thursday mentioning that candidates will now have to give "detailed statements of work or work orders" about their work in US whereas employers will be restricted and asked about reasons for hiring employees outside US to do a certain job.

Need not to worry. As the United States work on stopping immigration and tightening borders, it’s northern neighbor looks passionate to open gates for these skilled.

Previous June, Canada initiated its GTS program, a fast-track add-on for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which permits skilled workers from technological industry to move to the country for momentary basis, in a minimum time of 2 weeks.

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