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Hostels and Vacation Rentals: Accommodations for Backpackers

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : December 03, 2018 3932
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There are few things in life that are more satisfying than hitting the road on a whirlwind vacation in a highly scenic place and not being bogged down with a lot of luggage. This is a key part of the backpacking life that many take advantage of yearly.

Of course, the most important element to any journey you might undertake isn’t so much how you’re getting there, but where you plan to stay once you get there. If you are planning on your next trip to Nepal, why not check out a vacation rental instead of a standard hotel.

You might want to have your budget to cover other things on the trip such as specialized a summit trek while on your getaway. One option that can help a great deal along those lines is to avoid staying in hotels and go for a more down-to-earth experience by staying in hostels when on your trip. And over the past decade, vacation rentals have grown to be a reliable option for those travelers who want to rest their head in apartment-styled places or even entire homes.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of snagging a sweet vacation rental or hostel for your backpacking experience.


 The aim of traveling to a foreign place is to lose yourself in your destination, right? Being in a hotel does take away some of that thrill. Booking a hostel or a vacation rental lets you better immerse yourself in everything that your destination has to offer and in turn, make you feel right at home while doing so.

 A hostel will let you get a chance to hang out and meet other backpackers and travelers. More than likely with a hostel, you’ll be sharing the same space with them and this is a fabulous way to not only learn about the culture of the place you’ll be visiting but you get to share that experience with others from different parts of the globe. It’s really a way to prove that travel is indeed a universal language. Not just that, if you are planning on exploring the surrounding areas, it’s much safer to head out in a group. The amiable companions will let you explore the tranquil Nepalese highlands with the awareness that there’s someone who has your back.

 Also, a number of hostels are staffed by some truly wonderful people who won’t hesitate to help you out with a bevy of information while you’re there. Some are even family-run, adding an extra touch of warmth to being there.  Vacation rentals are a great option for backpackers when it comes to lodging mainly because you can come and go as you please during your stay. In some cases, you might not even see your hosts as they want to make sure you’re comfortable without them being in the way. And vacation rentals do tend to offer quite a bit more than what you’d get in a hostel, especially in terms of having a bit more privacy
and more room.

 In addition, vacation rentals have gained more prominence because of the range of rentals one can get access to different companies. Airbnb is the leading vacation rental company with listings in over 190 countries currently among others. Depending on how many are in your group, you can get a chance to stay in some places that can rival some hotels in certain places for less than what you’d pay for a hotel room. More than that, you will have the opportunity to experience the authentic lifestyle, embrace the local hospitality as you book into a village homestay, or choose the tranquility with an apartment all for yourself. Vacation rentals offer a myriad of options that offer both flexibilities paired with comfort.

There are some hostels that do operate with curfew times. Not the best option if you’re looking to truly indulge in what the night offers. Depending on the place you’re traveling to, you do have to make sure that the vacation rental you want has everything that you want. And you also have to be in constant communication with your host – some hosts can be a little too-hands off or they may elaborate a little too much about their space.

All in all, there are definitely more pros than cons to be found when it comes to staying in hostels and vacation rentals. If you are looking for specific guides, there are numerous travel sites out there such as Trip101 that provides a list of vacation rental options as well. Check out a hostel or vacation rental your next backpacking sojourn to make the most of your trip!

Tell us your accommodation preference in the comments below!

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