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How to Get Everything Right with Your Roommate?

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : January 02, 2018 1540
How to Get Everything Right with Your Roommate?

I know it looks a bit difficult yet scary to live with a person you never know. The idea of having a complete stranger right beside you is no doubt very disturbing. I know the adrenaline must have started rushing in your body. But just stay chill and follow these simple instructions to start a good time with your roommate which I am about to elaborate.

1.    Step Up and Communicate:

Many problems resolve through communications. When you start searching for a new roommate on any social media, see them as who you are. Find something in them as a mutual interest. No worries, if you don’t find anything common in them because some people are a lot more different then they appear on social websites. Don’t judge them too quickly and never approach any conclusion without being sure about it. When you find a person, arrange a meeting with him/her and just communicate. Share them about your views on how you want to see the room. Let them speak too about their opinions. Then and only then you will be able to make good relations with your roommate.

2.    Be Kind and Friendly:

When you finally find your roommate. Your duty after that is to talk to them. Because just like you, they are also here to begin their new journey, they too left their family behind, and they must be a little jumpy to live with a stranger. As soon as you get done with everything; unpacking and settings, sit with your roommate and start talking about simple things of life. Share your nicknames, favorite food, taste in music. Talk about art and literature. You can also share your childhood stories too. For more better relations you can arrange some fun time with your roommate. It not only helps in developing good connection but also in building trust.

3.    Never Shut Down Your Senses:


 It’s good to have a good relationship with your roommate. But everyone wants their privacy. Don’t be too choky. Never surround your roommate like 24/7. Let them live on their own too. It’s okay that you guys eat, socialize, and hang out together but that seems a bit uncomfortable for many people. You should spend time with your other friends also, as for clubbing or college activities. That will not make you rude rather it creates a sense of secrecy in you that no matter what everyone wants some time alone. Start dining on your own or with some other friends. Let people approach you and talk to you while you are sitting alone. Grow your circle but not really much.

The idea of having a best friend in the form of roommate is quite a mythical because it is a very rare thing. You just want someone with whom you spend your time smoothly. So, beware of all the facts and realities. Push yourself to the next point!

4.    The Realities of Having a Roommate:

To have a smooth ongoing life with your roommate you need to communicate from the very first beginning. Talk about your expectations and realities, every pros and con of living a life like that. It will surely resolve many issues. I am pointing out somethings as a must-to-talk with your roommate before starting anything. Add some more things if you wish to.

-   Personal Issues/Emotions:

It looks weird to talk about these things when you have just met a person. But trust me it will surely save you from future misunderstandings. Don’t be too jumpy. Talk initially about if they have any anger issues, or how they overcome their stress. Ask them if they like to have someone when they are stressed out or when they need to take a decision. If they don’t want someone to break their walls and step into their personal issues to resolve them, never ever do that.

-    Tidiness Inside Out:

Everyone has a different concept of cleanliness. For a person like me, tidiness revolves around only to one’s body, taking good care of personal hygiene though leaving everything disorganized. Such people feel comfortable in their own messiness. While others take the word cleanliness very seriously. They never tolerate a single dirt on the floor. So, if two entirely opposite people start living together everything would become really difficult. In such circumstances, you guys should need to resolve this problem on how to be more compromising.

-   Socially Unsocial:

For some people, being social means to have a chit-chat with some close friends. If your roommate belongs to such category and you are an always-ready-for-party type person then this is an alarming situation. You need to arrange everything in a way that this won’t affect your roommate’s privacy. If they can tolerate few persons that this will be okay but if they are being rude, be calm and talk to them about the issue.

-     Exam Mode:

You never know when your roommate’s mood suddenly changes and he starts studying. Beside everything, discuss your room that whether you guys love to study in the room on your comfy bed or you like to study somewhere with other college mates. If one of you want to study in the room then the other must decide that what likely he must be doing in that period.

-      Sharing is Never Always Caring:

It may possible that your roommate never wants to share anything with you except some specific things. Don’t worry they aren’t rude. Some people are just like that. In that case, you must understand and appreciate their wants and needs. Some people like to be open up but others like to live in their own little comfort zone. To prevent yourself from any future conflictions, you must talk about this also. 

-      Other Things:

You may be an animal lover and have some pet animal. If you find a roommate who is just like you then the two of you go really straight. But if your roommate finds this habit of yours very nasty then you must work on it. Mention it pretty earlier to get away with any future misunderstandings.

5.    Overcoming Conflictions:


If you talk about the above mention things with your roommate, you will save yourself from any contradictions and you guys live peacefully. There are other things also in your mind. Enlist them and ask them to your roommate.

In a place and people like that, you must encounter rumors about your roommate too. In that, don’t be too quick to judge your roommate. Don’t make assumptions based on such rumors. Rather, go to your roommate, sit, and just talk about what’s bothering you or what’s happening around.

Things to keep in mind while talking to your roommate about any problem:

*      Behold of your anger

*      Be soft and kind hearted

*      Be patient

*      Scrutinize your voice tone

*      Contemplate your roommate’s words

*      See yourself in their position

Hope you find these words informative and hope you have a good and better connection with your roommate.

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