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How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the Vacations!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : December 28, 2017 1410
How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the Vacations!

Okay, the Christmas time is over and you must be thinking to splinter your Christmas tree so it can be recycled. I’ve come up with six tips to reuse it after the vacations and do away it with all perfect means, with happy and contented memories in your mind. (Don’t worry it won’t require much of your efforts)

1.    Use it to Protect Other Plants:


The foremost thing is to remove all the branches from the tree, place on the ground and make them as a mulch. This ensures protection of those plants that are affected by the windburn. In this category comes the plants like Nikko Blue Hydrangea. Others may be those which starts growing on soil quickly and can be tweaked by a late spring frost. Examples include, pansies and other plants that are planted in the fall season.

2.    Use it to Facilitate the Birds:


You can also use the tree to facilitate the birds. Put the tree outside so that wild birds can use it as a shelter and food in this chilling weather. For a better comfort to the birds, place it near a bird feeder. You can also buy bird foods from the shops like animal fats, birdseed, and peanut butter. Make a cardboard bag and put the seeds and butter inside, and an animal fat hung from the tree. So, it seems a complete treat for the cute little birds. These things attract them and they seek shelter and food within it.

3.    Use it to Gift Away to the Fishes:


With the acknowledgement of your elders, you can put the tree inside the pond. Old trees have the ability to provide habitation to the fishes and aquatic creatures. In superficial areas of water, these trees protect from soil and sand erosion. The similar ideas have been seen in the project of tree-based restoration by the State of Louisiana.

4.    Use it as Dung and Fertilizer:


First find out if the people from Municipal Corporation can take away your Christmas tree and transform it into compost. If yes, then give it away and in spring you can go and take the compost or wood chips again as a dung or fertilizer for your garden. Believe me, it will be impossible to identify your tree, but seeing that it is used to help gardeners in bringing up good landscapes and preventing the trees from blocking the areas can become all the way far better than anything else.

5.    Use it as a Tracery/Trellis:


In this vacation, shift the tree in your backyard in a suitable corner. When spring sets in with all its beauties, make use of your tree as a tracery in your garden for peas and beans and help yourself up in gardening.

6.    Use it for Plantation:


Next year for Christmas, try a balled-and-burlapped Christmas tree. It’s a two-in-one package, you can use it as a Christmas tree plus remove a burlap and plant it for your garden after the vacations. Won’t this tiny piece look cute and adorable?

Now see how a Christmas tree can be used apart from its usual usage. Keep enjoying and keep utilizing your efforts and means.

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