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Magical World: Enjoy the Ride in Hogwarts Express this Year!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : February 16, 2018 1657
Magical World: Enjoy the Ride in Hogwarts Express this Year!

All the way to the Magical world!

Enjoy the new and exciting experience by riding a magical Hogwarts Express this year in the fall season.

In the coming harvesting season of September, The Waterloo Central Railway in St. Jacob is preparing to host a dream-like Magical Wizards Festival by offering a ride in Hogwarts Express. The Toronto people can have an access to it by a quick 1.5-hour drive.

All the Harry Potter fans will love to ride this Hogwarts Express which is going to be transformed by using a 94-year old steam engine. Once they step into the train, it will board away with an official film’s motion soundtrack in the background.

All the witches and wizards will sit along with other so-called Hogwarts students and will have an interactive chit-chat with them and experience as if they are a part of the movie or a book. The passengers must set ready their wands as they will be going to have an onboard class with a professor who will teach them some magical skills and spells.

When they get back to the St. Jacobs Market, the Harry Potter fans can enjoy the enchanted walks in the backstreet where they can have a perfect time enjoying in the events organized by the hosting people. The visitors will love to enjoy the performances, wander through the potion workshops, and talk with vendors.

So, why wait? Make yourself ready with your robes and wands to have an exhilarating Hogwarts experience.

But let’s be paused because you guys have to buy a ticket before it’s too late.

About the Hogwarts Festival and Magical Wizards Festival:

When: September 8 and 9, various times throughout the day

Where: St. Jacobs Train Station, 50 Isabella St. St. Jacobs Ont.

Tickets: Available online starting at $14.99

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