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Morning Boost or Evening Relaxer? The Best Time to Shower is

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : October 17, 2018 2229
Morning Boost or Evening Relaxer? The Best Time to Shower is

There are pros and cons to both showering in the morning and showering in the night. Whatever reasons you might have for showering at a specific time each day, it seems there is a scientific basis for the various benefits of morning and night showers.

A morning shower is the perfect wake-me-up. It gives you that boost you need to get through the day ahead. A morning shower is like a session of peaceful meditation – it reboots your mind, allowing you to be more in touch with yourself and set intentions for the day ahead without interruption. It also boosts your body’s circulation!

If you prefer to workout in the morning then you should definitely follow the workout session with a shower to get rid of the excess sweat and oil in your skin and hair. Morning showers are also the way to go for you if you lack a steady hand causing you to cut yourself while shaving, as clot-forming platelets are more active in the morning and hence, bleeding stops faster.

Evening showers are the way to go if you’re a stressed individual. An evening shower will literally help you wash away all your worries and be a source of profound relaxation. You will notice that your bed sheets stay cleaner too since an evening shower washes away all the dirt and pollution you have accumulated throughout the day. If you’re an excessive sweater then an evening shower should be a must part of your skin care regimen.

If you’re a regular user of products like hairspray, make-up, and lotions, an evening shower is even more essential for you as these products attract a lot of pollen and all manner of different allergens.

"By showering in the evening you prevent transferring all of these potentially harmful substances into your bed, where you are going to be sleeping for the next eight hours," said Tania Elliott - an allergist, internist, and the chief medical officer at healthcare company Engaging Healthy Employees.

Have a hard time sleeping? Take a shower in the night to relax your body into a sleeping bliss by virtue of the natural sleep-inducing effect a cool shower has. A shower before you go and lie down is basically a way to give your body the illusion of extreme tiredness, causing you to immediately fall asleep.

Now that you know the different benefits of showering in the morning and at night, we'll leave it to you to decide for yourself which suits you best. Because after all, the time you decide depends largely on your schedule. There is no rule against showering two times a day though, so if you have the time why not make the most of it?


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