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Report: Montreal’s Top-Paid Jobs Today, as Listed by!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : March 15, 2018 1442
Report: Montreal’s Top-Paid Jobs Today, as Listed by!

Do you want to work somewhere that pays far more than just well? What if I tell you that’s right here in Montreal? Because yes, Montreal has got some great job titles that pay you the best. has just released its top paying jobs across Canada, and according to their data, medical, finance, and tech professions earn the most. has listed some of the best jobs in Montreal that pays really well their employees. According to it, medical, finance, and tech are the highest paid jobs.

“Canada’s financial sector and growing technology industry are also home to some of the top paying jobs out there right now: Software Architect and VP of Finance top our lists in Montreal and Ottawa,” said in a release.

Montreal is the port of all the tech jobs as 18% of such kind of job from all over Canada is in Montreal, according to

“Given this, in Montreal, we see that tech-related roles are among the highest-paid, with Software Architect coming out on top,” said Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada, in a statement.

So, if you are looking for an elite job in Montreal, you must consider the following jobs, listed below in a chart.

Job Title

Average Yearly Salary

Software Architect


Financial Consultant


Javascript Developer




Application Developer


Director of Finance and Administration


Product Manager


Business Analyst


Java Developer




What are you waiting for when everything is right there on your doorstep? Start searching right jobs and start working now, and then… let the money pays you like heaven. *wink-wink* Happy living a stress-free life!

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