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The Negatives – How the Internet Is Impacting Your Brain!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : January 16, 2018 1768
The Negatives – How the Internet Is Impacting Your Brain!

With the increased number of technological benefits, scientists are working to make our tasks easier and simple with each passing day. This all makes me wonder what the world would be after 40 to 50 years. It’s evident that they are trying to help us out in the major chores of life by inventing things. In these advancements, the topmost blessing is the Internet.

It is, no doubt, something that is beyond good, with its ability to do our biggest work in a matter of seconds by just clicking. But have you ever pondered over its negative side as everything has positive and negative side both? As people, nowadays, use the internet just like they use toilet paper *sarcastically* It looks that would die if their internet connection gets lost. Just like a person have to drink and eat to live, they need internet to keep breathing. Here are some points on how the internet is destroying your mind and soul as anything. Be it’s an emotion, passion or a thing, anything that crosses its limits become dangerous!

1.    Depression:


If you never presume it, then do it because being online every time makes a person depressed as hell. It is not funny as it is theoretically proved that using the internet frequently and remain publicly available always makes a person clinically depressed. The surveys have been conducted to see the changes in internet-addicted people and the results are always positive in terms of depression, feeling of sadness, loneliness, unfriendliness, and emotions of such type.

Whenever such points stand up, people start taking them as a matter of life and death. Some people support the above-mentioned point by saying that heavy use of the internet has an impact of depression on person’s mind and soul. While others are just opposite of it, taking the internet as a mean of refuge from their depression.

2.    Narrow-Mindedness:


Another downside of being socializing through the internet is that it makes you narrow-minded. Whenever you talk someone through texting or chatting, you both would not use any verbal signs and your words would not actually understand by the other party, not representing their right meanings. The face expression and body gestures could not be seen, making you leave in confusion whether the person is trying to be sarcastic or sincere. You have your own terms of interpreting the language which surely couldn’t understand by the other person.

The filters you use, all the things depend on your current mood. But when you drive back to home after a harsh day and suddenly a person sitting in your house ask you something and you say, “no thanks”, it will not ruin your relationship with him/her rather it can be easily absorbed by the person and he/she knows that you are trying to attempt a polite refusal enveloped in sarcasm because he/she can see your body language, perceive your voice tone. And just opposite happens when you talk through texting.

If you have tons and tons of friends on your Facebook list or any other social media sites and apps then it may possible that you would become a stress victim soon. They say, if you have an outnumber of friends on these sites as compared to real-life friends so, you try to mend your personality according to the required aspects of being socially online and finally it would worsen your real-life relationships. In the end, to cope up with the stress, you keep on trying to maintain your relationships with online friends, neglecting your real ones.

3.    Inability to Work:


As the use of an internet is to ensure its multitasking ability to you, on the other hand, it is making you unable to do even minor works. As a matter of fact, we rely on the internet for a simple and small exercise which we can do by ourselves too, using our mind. The internet helps to bring out the conclusion easily, jumps to an exclusive idea, and even explains the subject in a maximum of one second. And in a rush, you keep on clicking through the internet every two minutes because you are so dependent on it.

By such constant mental lethargic work, you hang yourself in between a continued battle of interrupting or restarting the whole chores. As the internet cannot always have a check about a particular event. It cannot give a clear evidence of certain memory of your work. This, in turn, affects your brain in a manner that the higher signaling area in your body keeps on trying to refresh that particular memory which is lost in a bunch of memoirs. But sadly, in the end, the brain can only bring a blurred and multi-exposure memory.

Multitasking, as it is the main idea behind every technological advancement, makes us dumb and a knucklehead. It snatches our ability of critical thinking and problem solving and takes away far, far from us. Some studies have concluded that it might take away the ability to recall particular incidents and memories and worsen your IQ level, after a while. Your brain, an intellectual site of your body would lose its abilities by such multitasking technologies. And as it keeps on increasing day by day, the recovery from the damage becomes difficult. If this is a habit since childhood, then a child would come across to several behavioral problems such as lake of attention.

4.    Unhealthy Memory:


Your brain doesn't just work like a hard drive or a memory chip that encodes your important tasks. It is not that much easy and simple. For storing of a memory there are complex neural pathways of sensory and motor neurons that aid this storage and that is beyond your imagination. Many multifaceted high intellectual activities are being done by your brain at that particular time. When you recall that memory, you are having a brain state respective of that memory or incident. You are actually happened to occur at that time while you are encoding new details of a present too.

Your brain keeps a brief description of every incident and from time to time it makes room for new memories. But when you don’t recall your memories very often, don’t use a brain to do its regular activities, it starts shedding off the older memories, in short, your system starts deteriorating.

And when you say for every task “Google it,” you are actually aiding in the weakening of the brain. Your brain works in a manner that it keeps remembrance of every single incident of the day and recalling of that incident requires energy which means that your brain loves to conserve energy regardless of the internet that brings you an answer in a matter of seconds without delaying.

Due to such things, when you don’t allow the brain to do its activity, and when Google is all you need; you wouldn’t worry about the forgetfulness and you stop your brain to make pathways to recall that particular thing. So, all and all, Google is replacing our memory.

5.    Addiction:


People never always become addicted to drugs, there are other things too and internet addiction is so very common especially among teenagers. When you replace your brain with an internet, you need it every time everywhere as you shut out your brain away and invite-in the internet because of its easy-use and quick-task. You then start becoming addicted to the internet as no one can live without their so-called brain.  Not only that you become totally depressed and addicted, the white matter in your brain also can be shrunken as have been shown in some users.

Social media and apps are taking a place of nicotine from which you cannot get away easily as it calls you back over and over whenever you try to leave. The same case is for video gamers whose priority is to achieve higher levels and succeed in the game because when the screen sparks, music is on, and your score keep on increasing, you, of course, become satisfied, happy, and powerful (stupid peoples who if spend their time and energy to their studies can make a change in the world.) so, this is what happens when you get addicted to drugs aka internet. 

6.    Societal Norms:


And when you start overcoming your addiction and habit, it becomes totally impossible, even if you fear intelligence agency that they would find out your addiction, or if you wish to protect your brain from destroying wholeheartedly. The point is the internet is available everywhere, in homes, in offices, in your smartphones, so, you cannot resist something that is around all the time.

The good and bad part, altogether, is that almost every manufacturers and producers are opening a mean of their contact and delivery through the internet, making it our societal norm. Thus, the internet is changing our standards of living, simply taking place of outdated things like VCR or Boom Boxes.

In the end, an advice is to have a full self-control over yourself as you and I cannot completely remove internet from our lives. Every technology brings in it evil too but when you use it wisely, you will be saved from its danger. If you find yourself addicted, don’t be panicky, as you can work out it because you are a human and it is just a technology. Must click on the relatable articles of the tips-advices section to fight your problems. Happy Browsing!

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