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The War Against Pests – Tips to Win This Fall!

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : September 13, 2018 1875
The War Against Pests – Tips to Win This Fall!

Fall is right around the corner and with it, pests. Like other animals, dropping temperatures lead to bugs and pests seeking warmer shelters and that makes your home a popular destination. Here are some tips to keep these troublesome pests out that will make consulting a pest control professional a last resort.

Seal Off Cracks And Gaps

Small cracks, gaps, and crevices are the most common entry points of mice and bugs. To not seal them off would be to roll the welcome mat for the pests out yourself. Use copper mesh, steel wool, caulk and expanding foam insulation to deny entry to these fall pests.

Gaps come in all shapes and sizes and at multiple places too so make sure your search is thorough. Larger gaps are usually found in the attic, basement, and garage while smaller ones can be spotted where utility lines and pipes are entering your house. Do not forget to seal off cracks in foundation too. If you use caulk to seal off certain entry points, be sure to check them often as many pests can chew through it.

Interior gaps are commonly found inside kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, stoves and dryer vents. Specially seal all gaps greater than a quarter of an inch.

Repair Doors And Windows

Carefully inspect all your windows and doors and repair any deformities in them. Weather-stripping tends to get worn away with time so be sure to replace old ones. Do not neglect rips and tears in window screens. Prefer metal door sweeps over rubber ones as mice can chew through the latter. Lastly, avoid leaving doors open unnecessarily.

Chimney & Fireplace 

Mice are more athletic than you realize, being efficient in both climbings and jumping so do not limit your precautionary tactics to lower level entryways. Installing a chimney and screen will efficiently keep outfall pests like birds and rodents. These tend to bring with them smaller and more troublesome bugs.

Firewood for your fireplace is like a magnet for fall pests. Therefore, only have in your house as much as you require and no more. Mice specifically like to nest in woodpiles so keep them far from your house to prevent future headaches.

 Trimming Trees and Clearing Debris