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Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas 2017 in Canada

Written by MKTLIST Blog Team Published On : November 30, 2017 1897
Top 10 Places to Spend Christmas 2017 in Canada
A place like Canada, where winter is on the peak and Christmas is ahead, people have lit up their houses and boulevards flamboyantly. The exciting parades and mega festive celebrations are the center of attraction for everyone. Here is a brief list of places where you can spend your Christmas joyfully in this year of 2017.

1. Quebec City

The antique architectural buildings partially coated with fluffy white snow on cobblestone pave lanes serve as one of the best-ever fascinating scenes in Canada’s Quebec City. 
A city is not a city if there are no shopping options. So, mega festival offers you the best collection of gifts for Christmas. On a lighter note, red juices with a pinch of cinnamon sticks clove and ginger can serve to warm up in the cold. If you are looking for a joyful vacation then Quebec City is an ideal hit! 

2. Toronto

The numbers are massive in the traditional Santa Claus Parade, adding up to half a million people in Canada’s biggest city. On the other hand, all over December, Nathan Phillips Square shows up wonderful and fabulous fireworks with exciting performances from top Canadian’s musical artists. The illuminating fireworks in the city are a must-see to brighten up bored vacations.

3. Ottawa