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Beautiful Tourism Sites at Nova Scotia to get $6 Million for Upgrades!

Peggys Cove and Cobot Trail, 2 out 5 of the most iconic sites in Nova Scotia are up for upgrade by getting $6-million for it. As stated by Geoff MacLellan - Provincial Business Minister, the objective is to better-off the tourism sector with the revamping of these places. $2 million are fixed f...

Published On July 26, 2018
City Guides

Greyhound Canada is Signing Off from these Provinces!

Greyhound Canada is stopping its long route, great transport service. The authorities said that they will only facilitate the one route service in BC and soon they will be signing off from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba by canceling all bus and cargo services. Greyhound has already decided...

Published On July 11, 2018
City Guides

Toronto Ranked most Expensive City in Canada according to Worldwide Survey!

Toronto has formally joined with Vancouver to become the classiest place to live in Canada per the Mercer’s annual Cost of Living Survey. The city reached 109th place next to Vancouver as the most expensive city to live in Canada. The ranking has been determined by examining factors such as in...

Published On July 03, 2018
City Guides

Canada Day: List of Areas Where You Can have a Spectacular Fireworks Celebration!

No matter in which area you are living, as long as you are here in Vancouver, you will never get bored of anything. From music to dance, from games to activities, from starry night to fireworks; Canada Day long weekend is here to offer you all to live to the fullest and to enjoy with others. Bu...

Published On July 01, 2018
City Guides

Remarkable THEN & NOW Changes in the Renowned Countries of the World!

Globalization has made the world a bigger place. It is the integration of national economy into the international economy through trade, foreign direct investment, Capital flows, migration, and spread of technology. A major throwback to past years has shown major changes in the advancement of t...

Published On June 20, 2018
City Guides

Largest Vaisakhi Parade In the world held at Canada!

Among different religions, traditions and cultures. Sikhs gathered and celebrated practiced their festival which was  held on 21 April. The scale is showing large no of community around the world which could be surprisingly consist of more than 500000 people. The community is ready to c...

Published On April 24, 2018
City Guides

City Ranking: These 10 Cities in Canada are Rated as DANGEROU!

Canadian cities have never been known as the dangerous cities. In fact, the country is known to be one of the safest countries in the world. But as you know all, there is some evil in the good. This is what happened in Canada. There are some places in Canada that have a caution “Dangerous”.Accordi...

Published On April 20, 2018
City Guides

Metro Vancouver water park: Get ready for some water park fun this summer!

Vancouver residents will soon have a better option to get rid of annoying heat this summer. The outdoor swimming pool option next to a heat wave by Credit Union Community Centre in Aldergrove is rooted at ground till beginning of a year The project is in its ceremonial state has been ex...

Published On April 18, 2018
City Guides

Finding Jobs Never been Easy – look at these Cities in Canada to Find Best Jobs Now!

This year brought fortune and wealth with itself as four out of ten provinces saw a rapid job growth in the first half of the year, according to a report. BMO’s Regional Labor Market Report Card works to jot down the monthly analysis of the worst and the best cities in Canada in terms of jobs. So,...

Published On April 12, 2018
City Guides

Free, Free, Free: Toronto is having a Really, Really Free Market this Weekend!

The weather forecast for this weekend is showing a little sunny environment with a high of 2 degrees (which is not so high but for Canadians, it is enough) *wink-wink*. This means that this weekend, you can go out to enjoy the month’s wonderful edition i.e. Really Really Free Market.  Whether you ...

Published On April 03, 2018
City Guides

City Guides: The Open and Close Areas in Toronto for Family Day 2018!

Family Day is about family but the best part of it is that it brings holiday with itself. *wink-wink* But in Toronto it’s a bit different. Some people love to spend the whole day sleeping and tiring in their homes with their families while some think of it as an opportunity to enjoy the holiday ra...

Published On February 18, 2018
City Guides

12 Exciting Events of Toronto to Enjoy a Long Family Day Weekend!

Family Day is on its way to Canada. The Holiday just for families! It is about spending more and more time with your family and grow love with them. In Canada, people do fun-filled activities throughout the holiday. They watch movies together, go out together, in short, they do everything to gr...

Published On February 16, 2018
City Guides

Top 6 Events you can’t miss in Toronto February 5 to 11!

What are you waiting for in Toronto? Where are the part freaks? Get yourself ready for some of the best events you will experience at your very own and amazing Toronto! Now days will be spent munching and partying while nights will be danced away because this year 5 to 11 February, will be eni...

Published On February 05, 2018
City Guides

Here Is How You Can Explore Toronto In Only 24 Hours!

Toronto is the capital city of the province Ontario. It connects with the Golden Horseshoe southerly and with the Lake Ontario towards the northern side. It is the largest city in Canada as it is assayed that about 2,731,571 of the total residents belong to Toronto for the year 2016. It is als...

Published On December 27, 2017
City Guides

13 Best Restaurants in Toronto You Want to Check Out This Winter!

This winter explore the best restaurants for your favorite veggie burgers, cote de boeif and manakeesh: Aloette Alo, a 2-story restaurant in the downstream of Queen and Spadina offers you one of the best French food. Beaufort burger with cheese stuffing and apple tart here are the classic...

Published On December 19, 2017
City Guides

Top Places to Explore in Toronto In Christmas Holidays!

The Christmas season in Toronto is a period for family, companions, fun and merriment. In the weeks paving the way to Christmas, the city changes into a wonderland loaded with shimmering lights, outside skating arenas, wondrous window presentations and occasional exhibitions.CHRISTMAS MARKET Prope...

Published On December 12, 2017
City Guides

What & Where to Buy – 6 of Best Holiday Markets in Toronto!

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas after all. We know it’s tough to welcome the cold weather and the consequences it brings but, there’s no harm in lightening up. Step into the festive season with best holiday markets in Toronto, summon that shopper inside you and read up;1.    It’s all ...

Published On December 11, 2017
City Guides

6 Toronto Holiday Shows – A Must Watch This Christmas 2017!

Where to Buy a House in Canada Right Now Background. The standard quip when buying real estate, is usually about three things: location, location and location. Few would argue that it’s wrong, but clearly there’s more to it. Affordability is one factor, but price alone doesn’t dictate good valu...

Published On November 28, 2017

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