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4 Ways to Cozy up Your Outdoor Space

A lot of people look at their backyard and see nothing but trouble. What they see is a lawn they need to mow, leaves that need to be cleaned and shrubs that need to be pruned. However, what they don’t see are is the good stuff; reasons why people invest in their outdoor space in the first place. J...

Published On November 08, 2018
Best Places to Live


Having your dream vacation or just a small retreat from the hustles of life does not come cheap nowadays, what with the airfares and hotel rates racking up to cost something no less than a fortune. Instead of laying back and enjoying life on your vacations, you end up worrying about all the mo...

Published On October 11, 2018
Best Places to Live

10 Places You Just Have To Visit Before You Die!

What is life, if not a collection of experiences? And traveling is one of those experiences which affect the very fabric of our being – our souls. This round sphere is filled to the brim with majestic destinations, which is why we’ve narrowed them down to the top 10 places you just have to see bef...

Published On October 09, 2018
Best Places to Live


Looking for a new apartment? Have your pick from Canada’s huge real estate market. Looking for a new apartment that is also pet-friendly? Well, that’s going to prove to be a headache of its own league.Given the constantly rising popularity of pets, one would assume that landlords would be more wel...

Published On September 27, 2018
Best Places to Live

Investing in Condominiums? You’ll Need These Money Making Tips!

Are condos a good investment? What are the benefits of buying a condo? Are there any advantages of living in a condo as opposed to a house? These are some of the most commonly asked questions by people looking to put their money in condos. With this article, we hope you will reach the answers to m...

Published On September 10, 2018
Best Places to Live

Calgary – The 4th 'Most Livable' City in The World, Survey

According to a new survey conducted worldwide, Calgary has been ranked as the 4h most “livable” city in the world, with Toronto and Vancouver also falling in the top 10 list!140 cities in the world were surveyed by the Economist’s 2018 “Global Livability Index”. These cities were ranked on 30 f...

Published On August 15, 2018
Best Places to Live

Summer’s Week Guide: Enjoy Sailing in the World’s Largest Cruise Ship in Canada!

This summer, the new stylish and the world’s ninth-biggest sailing ship known as the “Norwegian Bliss” will be cruising to BC every weekend. This sailing ship will make you amazed through its groundwork and from its design.This cruise contains the width of 1,094 ft and its size is largely up to 16...

Published On June 06, 2018
Best Places to Live

The Clear Water Guide: This BC Beach has Attained its New Name!

It is outstanding to perceive that British Colombia has no inadequacy of splendid trees and graceful water with a distinct difference between the Pacific Northwest and a Hawaiian getaway. Despite the fact that you won’t be capable to discover the trees of (palm and coconut), I am assuring us that ...

Published On June 04, 2018
Best Places to Live

Why do Canadians prefer small towns over big Cities?

The report has been made on the citizen of the Canada which discuss about the satisfaction level of the Canadian that found a distant life from the big city, with the rural area. This report gives us the consequences from the research that connected with the Vancouver school of Economics at the Un...

Published On June 03, 2018
Best Places to Live

This Famous Recreational Site of Canada is Seized to Exist Now!

On Sunday, 27 May, the BC wildfire workers presently struggled with the flame that grabbed the part of the Creek Trestle Bridge that was in the Holocaust. This flame was rapidly increasing and intensifying to the width of a bonfire, with the timber of wood falling outside the bridge into the fores...

Published On June 01, 2018
Best Places to Live

Crazy Eat Guide: You Can Now Eat Barbie in Canada!

Sounds hilarious? But, what if it is real? Would you grab them and eat right away or would you feel a little awkward? Will it love at first sight with the food or just the opposite of it? Well, in any case, this is happening here in Canada and I am sure you won’t resist it!This is crazy yet enchan...

Published On May 29, 2018
Best Places to Live

Go Wild with these Craziest Water slides in Canada – Say Hello to Summers!

Summers are getting hotter than they ever could be. There are a variety of options to get rid of the annoying heat of the summer. The routed distance from Toronto to Vancouver is having a classified range of exciting outdoor activities including waterslides. There are several options to select in ...

Published On May 22, 2018
Best Places to Live

Travel Guide: Some Beautiful Places to Spend Weekends in Toronto!

How would you like to spend a long weekend in Toronto? Wouldn’t it be more worth-living when you are around beaches? So, it’s the time to explore some places just 3 hours away from Toronto to make the most of your weekend.It’s necessary, sometimes, to take a break from same routine life and work a...

Published On May 21, 2018
Best Places to Live

Traveling Alert: Toronto to India in a wow Price!

Hey travelers, here is some great news for you. The airline WOW air  currently announced the reasonable and low cost fares in traveling from Toronto to India. The package is dated to start from December 6, 2018. The tourists and the visitors from the states of Toronto and Montreal. The rate...

Published On May 20, 2018
Best Places to Live

You can Now Take a Trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls for Just $30 – GO Niagara Seasonal Train!

It is really astonishing to visit Niagara Fall and when it is much more accessible this summer with the rebound of GO Niagara Seasonal train assistance, it becomes all the way more amazing. It is going to start from this weekend.The Journey to Niagara fall has asserted a roundtrip ticket of $30 wh...

Published On May 17, 2018
Best Places to Live


Fortunately Toronto is a short drive from various goals that are overflowing with exercises, making them a definitive spots for spring day trips. From wine sampling in Beamsville to taking in the excellent tulip celebration in Ottawa – there's a ton to encounter that is only a brisk head out. What...

Published On April 29, 2018
Best Places to Live

Vancouver : The Rattiest City in the World!

Vancouver is highlighted and classified among different categories but in terms of mice and rats. They are placed first at the list in a ranking of national pest control company is not only a chatter box.According to orkin  survey. Vancouver. The occupied and full bucket city by large rats and por...

Published On April 26, 2018
Best Places to Live

Oh, Canada is Obsessed with the outdoor activity fun, are you one of them?

Canada seems to be enormous and Beautiful country around the world. The designated off shore place where its residents hang around and chilled themselves in outdoors. Numerically, almost 70 % of Canadians showed their interests and share their experiences of participating in each of the wild...

Published On April 23, 2018
Best Places to Live

Enjoy the Summers with Just a $164 Round Trip Between Vancouver and Calgary – WestJet Flights Offers!

“Mountains are calling you, let them show you more thrills.” And, when it is in the least amount who could not want to avail this? Fly towards the Rocky Mountains in this summer as they are missing you.Last week, Low-cost carrier Flair Air made everyone happy with an announcement that people can n...

Published On April 20, 2018
Best Places to Live

Pack your Bags: Toronto to Vancouver in only $299 Roundtrip this Summer!

British Columbia sure is beautiful. From its gorgeous Stanley Park to the lively streets of downtown Vancouver, or an evening walk in the lush green forestry, the places to deliver are just endless in BC. It’s a wonderful time to travel here because Sunwing Airlines has just taken the prices o...

Published On March 29, 2018
Best Places to Live

How Time Flies: Some Famous Cities Before and After Structural Advancement!

With each passing time, technology and civil structures are getting advanced. People are learning new things, making their mind vaster, to put everything down for the betterment of the world. Everything changes with a very small period of time, and when it comes to 100 years, just think what would...

Published On March 08, 2018
Best Places to Live

The Festival of Colors: Torontonians Are All Set to Unite with their Hindu Fellows at the Woodbine Beach for Holi!

As Canada has multi-cultural diversity, the Canadians always stand up for their other fellows in their happiness and sadness. As today marks the day of Hindu festival Holi, the celebration with colors, Toronto is all set to unite the Hindus with others at the Woodbine beach for Holi. This occurs e...

Published On March 02, 2018
Best Places to Live

Celebrations: Toronto is Hosting an Epic Four-Day Party on its 184th Anniversary this Weekend!

With every passing moment, Toronto is getting better and prettier than before. For the record, Toronto is going to celebrate its 184th anniversary happening this weekend with all its charming and attractive aspects. For this revolutionary happening, Toronto is hosting a huge four-day party at Nath...

Published On February 27, 2018
Best Places to Live

Festival de art: Montreal is Preparing for An Underground Art Festival!

In the initials, Montreal is going to be cooler in the upcoming days.A life without an art is not worthy of living. To drag art out of artistic institutions and express it in an everyday life, is something highly valuable. This is what Montreal is going to do for the forthcoming days. It is going ...

Published On February 26, 2018
Best Places to Live

Ottawa: Let's Celebrate Spring with Joy!

It’s time to finally welcome spring, even though there’s snow still plastered over a lot of driveways in the  National Capital Region, it is starting to warm up and sunshine seems to be approaching after such a harsh winter. There are many sights to behold during this time in Ottawa. Poutine Fest ...

Published On February 15, 2018
Best Places to Live

Toronto to Niagara in only $17!

 Looking for a perfect getaway for this winter? Well here is exactly what you need!  The VIA rail is offering $17 for one-way ticket from Toronto to Niagara Falls as a discount offer. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and check their website for the lowest offers they’ve got.  Niagara Falls has a...

Published On February 09, 2018
Best Places to Live

12 Attractive Islands of Canada Enough to Fall in Love With!

From big cities to small territories. From the refreshing Atlantic Ocean to the exhilarating Pacific Ocean. From the wild Rocky Mountains to scenic lakes. From beautiful flora to fierce fauna. From intact landscapes to lovely waterfalls. From multifaceted culture to unique architecture. Fr...

Published On February 07, 2018
Best Places to Live

Destination Guide: Ideal Way to Spend 2 Days in Montreal!

Montreal may not be the political capital of Quebec but rather it is the social capital of the region, on account of the city's renowned worldwide celebrations, great nourishment, and design.  In the event that you've booked flights to Canada you ought to surely visit Montreal. It is a feat...

Published On February 06, 2018
Best Places to Live

Travel Guide: Cities to Visit in February 2018!

Traveling is always so overwhelming and mind-blowing. For me, it’s like an escape – escape from your surroundings, escape from your daily routine, escape from all the worldly stress. In fact, traveling is an escape from yourself too. It is great, so overpowering that it can help you to resuscitate...

Published On February 02, 2018
Best Places to Live

Groundhog Day in Canada!

The event carries just as much value as royal birth, along with the town crier and his scroll, people stepping out to welcome with their chants, but the reason that’s bringing out people in the Canadian chills isn’t Princess Charlotte. It’s something that might hold even more sentimental value ...

Published On February 01, 2018
Best Places to Live

Top 10 Irresistible National Parks in Canada Every Tourist Must Visit!

Canada is so blessed by the nature that it conceals in its chest the most spectacular and tempting national parks for all the nature lovers who love to explore the beauty nature has bestowed upon us. With the enormous size, multiplicity, and exquisiteness of the parks, no one can resist from visit...

Published On January 30, 2018
Best Places to Live

These Famous Celebrities Own Vacation-homes in Canada!

Located in the northern side of continent named North America stretching from south to north, mingling with U.S and Arctic circle, having the shores of Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans, dividing itself into ten provinces and three territories with 9.98 million square kilometers, making its...

Published On January 11, 2018
Best Places to Live

5 Reasons Why Single-Family Homes Are Better Than Multifamily Properties!

Investors are in for an argument from decades if single-family or multi-family homes are better for investment purposes. Surely both have their own pros and cons. But when it is about choosing only one from them, I think single-family homes are better than multi-family homes. The new investors...

Published On January 03, 2018
Best Places to Live

Five Small and Historic Canadian Towns That Are Worth to Visit!

There is no doubt that Canada has so much to offer from its big cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal to iconic spots like the Rockies and Niagara Falls. But it is also rich when it comes to small towns that are worth considering for tourism. ANNAPOLIS ROYAL, NOVA SCOTIANeed to Know: ...

Published On December 14, 2017
Best Places to Live

5 Top Hotels In Toronto For Christmas Holidays 2017!

1. Four Seasons The name reveals a lot. Toronto’s is famous for Four Seasons Hotel. It has served as avoidable in the past few decades. But the rebuilding which took place in 2012 transformed the 30 floors building into a luxury. Alongside hotel, there are condos as well in this five-star b...

Published On December 05, 2017
Best Places to Live

10 Awesome Things About Canada That Makes It Unique From Other Countries!

Starting with the very first question. What does it feel to be a Canadian? Does it feel like you are living your life with all the comforts you need? Or does it feel to be a fine fettle? Well, the list goes on in a good sense and I am sure it won’t reach an end. When suddenly the word ‘Canad...

Published On December 03, 2017
Best Places to Live

Toronto – A Multicultural City

Toronto – A Multicultural City Proudly boasting over 200 different nationalities located in the city, Toronto is every so often mentioned as the ‘most multicultural city in the world’. Located in Canada, the city has nearly half of the population belonging to other countries. Apart from being mul...

Published On July 12, 2017

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