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Too Much TV in Childhood: The Long Term Effects!

Sitting idly in front of the TV for long periods of time is obviously not beneficial for anyone, but recent studies have started mounting evidence that excessive TV viewing as an infant has a direct relationship with dietary habits and behavior as teenagers. How It Effects DevelopmentChildren arou...

Published On : September 12, 2018

15 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Doctor, Really!

Asking the right questions could make all the difference in the quality of care you receive from your doctor. Yes, you pay them for their work but that does not mean they will tell you everything you should know about your health unless you ask them to. Doctors obviously know a lot about medicine ...

Published On : September 11, 2018
Best Places to Live

Investing in Condominiums? You’ll Need These Money Making Tips!

Are condos a good investment? What are the benefits of buying a condo? Are there any advantages of living in a condo as opposed to a house? These are some of the most commonly asked questions by people looking to put their money in condos. With this article, we hope you will reach the answers to m...

Published On : September 10, 2018
Local News & Insights

Parents demand action as hot weather makes it impossible to study in scorching classrooms!

The rising temperature in Ontario caused an issue for students, with scorching classrooms making it worse to sit. This raises a quite a thing to the government answering the lack of air-conditioning facilities in many schools.Environment Canada took out warning notices for Windsor and Hamilton for...

Published On : September 07, 2018
Local News & Insights

Cannabis and Canadian Universities: A Complicated Relationship!

Cannabis is perhaps the most controversial recreational drug in history. Commonly known as weed and marijuana, the general consensus surrounding cannabis has always been mixed owing to its medicinal capabilities but growing use as a partying drug by teens and young adults. College is where most pe...

Published On : September 07, 2018
Neighborhood Guide

Real Estate Toronto: 7 Bidders Contest Over Semi-detached Danforth Home for Sale!

Danforth Village is renowned for its shopping district along Danforth Avenue. The convenience of the Bloor-Danforth Subway line makes this neighborhood the perfect choice for young first-time homebuyers like newlyweds. In recent news regarding houses and apartments for rent and sale in Toronto ...

Published On : September 06, 2018
Tips & Advices

Moving to Montreal for University? Here’s all you need to know

Moving to a new city is a major adjustment, even more so in the case of Montreal. But once you embrace the vibe of this beautiful island, you’ll definitely fall in love with it. Especially as a student, you could not have picked a better city to spend your best years at. Home to 11 universities – ...

Published On : September 05, 2018
Local News & Insights

Tougher Penalties Implemented for Dangerous Driving in Ontario

As of September, the government is implementing a stricter policy regarding dangerous driving charges in Ontario by stiffening existing penalties and introducing new charges. This is no surprise as Ontario has had a history of emotionally charged cases related to dangerous driving in which the cul...

Published On : September 04, 2018

20 of the Most Fascinating Airports From Around the World!

Everyone loves traveling right? Especially the joy of meeting new natives, exploring new cultures and traditions, eye witnessing breathtaking and jaw dropping places and thrilling adventures. However, there is great annoyance that comes along with travelling that completely pisses off one. Yeah! S...

Published On : September 03, 2018
Local News & Insights

Toronto Yorkdale mall sealed after shots fired

Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Centre was sealed after gunfire echoed out at the popular north-end mall Thursday afternoon.Police received "a number of 911 calls" shortly before 3 p.m. ET Thursday reporting a shooting.Investigators have determined that an dispute broke out between two groups of me...

Published On : August 31, 2018

Meghan and Harry will go to THIS concert and Royal fans can attend!!

The gala evening of music is presented by the Royal Armouries and it will mark the anniversary of the last 100 days of First World War hostilities.It will take place on Thursday, September 6, at Central Hall Westminster.Prices start at £49.95 and all the incomes will be donated to three charit...

Published On : August 31, 2018
Local News & Insights


Law enforcement can now examine the presence of the drug in a human body by using newly introduced drug-detecting equipmentOn Monday, Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould endorsed the tool named “Dräger Drug Test 5000”. The machine detects whether THC, cocaine and methamphetamine are present ...

Published On : August 31, 2018

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